Valkyrie Svia – Loki and Jotnar Routes

TitleHi again. Everyone excited for Valkyrie Svia to be released? Anyone get some laughs out of the MG Twitter posting an ad banner so illicit /d/ wouldn’t run it? Well, today we’re going to talk about more of the stuff that banner’s made of!
So, in addition to the Denizens of Hel and all the interesting creatures in that route, there are also the Loki and Jotnar routes. Naturally, the ringleader of this whole plan, Loki, was bound to have his way with the valkyries in some form, although he does seem to take a particular interest in Svia over Sigurd…

Svia Loki_2

Just imagine what's behind that censor circle!

Just imagine what’s behind that censor circle!

Flungruni and his fellow Jotnar (sometimes referred to as frost giants depending on where you read your lore) don’t want to be left out either!


Sigurd Jotunn_2

Like what you see? I’m sure you do! Be sure to grab it on release!

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  1. I wonder if Loki wears that horned helmet in any of the ero scenes…

  2. Funny thing is that Thor Dark World is released on dvd almost exactly a month from Svia’s release.

  3. This game will get hard copy?

  4. Just a couple of questions about: Ultimate☆Boob Wars!! ~Big Breasts vs Flat Chests~

    its not the sequel to boobs war right?

    also why is it priced that high? is it a big game?

    sorry if these questions were asked before, i’m afraid i haven’t seen any bits regarding this title.

    • nvm, found my answer, i thought its a different title since the title posted in the queue was different than the one on the shop. my bad.

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