Ultimate Boob Wars Available for Pre-Order!

BoobWars2Today, we’re proud to announce that Ultimate Boob Wars is now available for pre-order!
After the astounding success of the original Boob Wars, the battle over best breast rages once again in the wild, epic combat of the Ultimate Boob Wars!
Kingdoms will unsheathe their swords for holy justice and plunge them into the warm, waiting flesh of their enemies as bulging, brimming hopes clash against promising young buds in this epic battle over ultimate control of Bustchest!CG03
Will ample bosoms roll over the flat plains of their enemies as the raging fires of war burn within both sides? Whose tits will you attempt seize hold of, so that you may carry them to ultimate victory?! Will the rift cleft between these busts ever be filled with the hot, sticky glue of peace?!CG06
Find out in Ultimate Boob Wars! On sale this February 21st!
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  1. Looks really good, hopefully it has better writing/comedy than the first game. Will definitely preorder when I get my next paycheck

  2. sweeeet!~ i’ve been waiting for this one.. Flat Chests <3

  3. Awww yiss, lemme get some of them tig ol bitties

  4. And the ‘flat chests’ are all loli’s this time?! Oh my…

  5. Hard copy please!

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