Tester's Corner: Valkyrie Svia Ed. Vol 1

Svia01Today we’re proud to present our first tester’s corner for Valkyrie Svia from Linktriforce007!

Valkyrie Svia is a visual novel developed by Black Lilith, and follows the lives of two Valkyries, Valkyrie Svia and Valkyrie Sigurd who are guarding two keys to the floodgates that hold back the water which feeds the world tree, Yggdrasil. One might ask why they are guarding these keys. Well, Odin, the god of Asgard was actually captured by Hel, the ruler of the underworld, in an effort to take over the world. However, Odin decided that he’d rather have the world tree die and as a result, the world die, rather than let Hel rule it.

In order to obtain the keys so that they may save the world in order to conquer it, the main character, Loki, must use perverted means to extract the keys out of their bodies by forcing them into submission. Loki is genuinely in love with who Valkyrie Svia used to be before she became a Valkyrie, and wants to win her over by using more honest, yet still evil, methods.

The two main Valkyries:

Valkyrie Sigurd:Sigurd

and Valkyrie Svia:Svia

Personally, I found this visual novel to be very intriguing as it used some of the mythology I was familiar from, and Norse Mythology has always been one of my favorites. Playing as a villain is also always cool, and it’s always quite fulfilling when you get your way, and upsetting when you don’t.

After a while playing this, I really started to despise the other villains because of how Loki would see them. Perhaps I got too into the game, true. But I was captivated by Loki’s love and persistence. He definitely was a person who did what he felt like doing.

Anyway, underneath it all, I found this to be an interesting Visual Novel. Feels good to play a villain, would definitely not feel good to play the heroine in this one.

Thanks for reading my review, I really appreciate that!

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  1. Loki is kinda like the Conquering the Queen protag

  2. Interesting visual novel? LOL.
    Well, maybe I’ll give it a try, I did play some Black Lilith titles in the past, thanks to Nephrinn, and it was an interesting epxerience.. ~_~

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