Ultimate Boob Wars—The Big Breast Tribe

bigboobsheaderToday we introduce the citizens of the Piequartz Kingdom, the well-endowed women of the Big Breast tribe!

milphaMilphalia Ur Urrila
To start us off is the girl that drags you into the save-the-world business and the owner of an impressive G-cup rack, Milphalia Ur Urrila or Milpha for short. Milpha is the shrine maiden of the Big Breast Tribe, but despite that she is a firm believer in mammary equality. Boweene and Petan give her to Haruto as his ‘personal boobs’ to convince him to become the Savior of Bustchest.

Milpha is cheerful, naive and a bit shy, but she puts her all into everything she does, including serving as Haruto’s personal boobs. Milpha’s boobs aren’t just huge though: thanks to her Big Breast Maiden lineage, she lactates when she becomes sexually aroused.

Milpha is voiced by Konoha, a voice actress with quite an extensive resume, including Queen Teresa in the original Boob Wars, Sonono Nene in Eroge, and Kusakabe Ruri in SSSS.

estraeaEstraea Munnue Piequartz
Estraea is the princess and supreme ruler of Piequartz. As you might expect of the leader of the Big Breast tribe, she has the chest to match: an imposing I-cup.

In public she sports a gentle, gleaming smile and is well regarded among her subjects. But, in private she has a bit of a sadistic streak and loves to tease people!

Despite being a princess, Estraea fights on the front lines of the Boob Wars with her precious whip. She’s a force to be reckoned with and whoever has the misfortune to meet her in battle ends up too traumatized to ever fight again. She seems almost perfect at first glance, but she has a secret and harbors some deep-seated insecurities about it.

Estraea is voiced by Iino Shiori, perhaps better known as Kimura Ayaka. She’s appeared in a number of other MangaGamer titles including Koihime Musou as Toutaku, Sexy Demon Transformation as Usui Yukihi and Touma Kojirou’s Detective File as Nanase Ako.

lumhaLumha Howard
Lumha is a soldier in the Piequartz army. She’s fiercely loyal to Estraea and the Big Breast tribe and has no love for the Flat Chests. She serves Piequartz in a variety of capacities, including gatekeeper and jail guard.

She’s strong and competitive, but a bit of a scaredy cat and threats of punishment from Estraea terrify her. When it comes to just about anyone else, she can be rude and aggressive and doesn’t hesitate to take any opportunity to belittle Flat Chests.

Lumha is voiced by Harukawa Akari. You may remember her as Milk in the original Boob Wars and Kominase Aki in SSSS.

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  1. Konoha … Queen Teresa in the original Boob Wars

    She switched sides! Traitor.

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