Ultimate Boob Wars—The Flat Chest Tribe


Today we introduce the citizens of the Serpettane Kingdom, the women of the Flat Chest tribe!


Iris Milla Serpettane
Haruto’s other traveling companion with a seemingly bottomless stomach. Iris has a terrible sense of direction and is generally pretty lacking in common sense. But, you can’t really blame her. Turns out, Iris is Serpettane’s princess and she’s lived quite a sheltered life, but she’s hiding it from Haruto and Milpha.

Iris isn’t as open-minded as Milpa and is still rather hostile to members of the Big Breast tribe. She’s proud and not terribly honest about her feelings.

As a member of Serpettane royalty, Iris has an exceptionally small chest. What her breasts lack in size they make up for in sensitivity. Iris is so sensitive, she can orgasm just from nipple play.

Iris is voiced by Okuyama Ayumi. You may remember her from Sexy Demon Transformation as Kusakabe Shiori and Bukakke Ranch as Korin.


Chocolat Collation
Chocolat is Iris’s maid and a master of Flat Chest cuisine. But, she also fancies herself some kind of superhero, calling herself Luna Soltiras as she travels around the continent in search of Iris.

She knows how to put on an impressive show to go along with her heroic idolations. The magic she uses looks dangerous and intimidating, but its effects leave much to be desired. She likes to pretend she’s more knowledgable than she actually is, especially when it comes to sex.

Chocolat is voiced by Satou Ryouka who also provides the voice for Petan. She also voiced Asakura Otome in Da Capo 2 under the name Hinaki Ran.


Tiara Firo Serpettane
Tiara is the queen of Serpettane and Iris’s mother. She’s calm, cool and a bit of a control freak. She’s been managing the kingdom all on her own since her husband, the king, passed away. She’s under a lot of stress as a result, because she wants to do it all herself.

Tiara isn’t fond of war, but feels a duty to her people to keep up the fight. Unlike Estraea, she doesn’t fight herself on the front lines, but she’s an accomplished tactician whom her soldiers respect and trust.

Tiara is voiced by Himari who also provides the voice for Boweene interestingly enough. You may be familiar with her as Haruhara Fuuka in Throb! The Greatest Inventions of the Sexy Era!, Fudesaka Tomoko in Eroge! ~Sex and Games Make Sexy Games~ and Papy in Bukake Ranch.


Nico lives in an enchanted forest in Serpettane territory with Aria and a giant white fox-wolf she calls ‘Mama.’ Nico is a bit of an oddity. Despite being a member of the Flat Chest tribe, she sports H-cup breasts! She also has animal ears and a tail for some reason.

Nico is shy and obedient. She’s taken to calling Haruto ‘Papa’ after Mama took a liking to him. She’s very sweet and innocent, but she has learned a thing or two about the birds and the bees from her animal friends.

Nico is voiced by Katakura Hina who also happens to voice Nico’s ‘Mama’ as well as Youko in Touma Kojirou’s Detective File and Sawashiro Nanako in Kara no Shoujo 2.


Aria Aliialia
Aria is an elf who lives in the forest with Nico. She Milpha’s Flat Chest counterpart. While to the untrained eye Aria might almost look like a child, she’s easily over a thousand years old, but don’t remind her unless you want to get hurt. She’s a long time friend of Petan and Boweene.

She tends to act excessively girly and hyper, but she also has bit of a mischievous streak. She dotes on Nico, but hates it when she calls her ‘Grandma.’ She’s quite intent on getting everyone to call her Aria-chan instead, but it doesn’t seem to be doing much good.

Aria is voiced by Konoe Yuzuko who also appeared in Touma Kojirou’s Detective File as Touma Reina.

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  1. Dat mother/daughter bonding <3

  2. I’d really like to know what the designer of Nico was smoking when he designed her with that boob size. It just looks so off… *shudder*
    I would have preferred Aria as a main character instead of Nico.
    And Iris looks outrageously young. Are there any forced random H-scenes with her outside of her route? I’d really like to avoid that. My tolerance for loli hasn’t reached that level yet.

  3. how do I get the queen tiara scenes I cannot figure it out please help its the last few bits I need

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