Tester’s Corner: Ultimate Boob Wars Ed. Vol 1


Today we’re proud to present the first Tester’s Corner for Ultimate Boob Wars from our tester Ally!

Sally & I often try to help out at Manga Gamer’s booth at cons and after seeing how well Boob Wars was selling, I decided to play through it a couple of months back. I wasn’t very impressed and was a bit let down, but I was curious about softhouse-seal GRANDEE’s Ultimate Boob Wars and wanted to see how it compared to the original game!

Wow! ∑(゚д゚lll)ガーン

Forget about the previous Boob Wars, this is what should have been originally released!

Similar to the first Boob Wars, in Ultimate Boob Wars, you are chosen by the Boob Gods, Boween and Petan, as the Savior and you have to collect “Boob Energy” in order to bring equality to all breasts across Bustchest continent and stop the Boob War! \(^o^)/

…What a plot! w

Unlike the first Boob Wars, this one is much longer and a lot higher quality than the first since it’s a release by softhouse-seal GRANDEE, softhouse-seal’s premium eroge brand. This time there are more characters (including medium size breasts), more ero scenes that are animated beautifully, and there is no longer any annoying card battle system either.

As a fan of big breasted characters, I wanted to play through Milpha’s, the naïve maiden of the big breast tribe and your “personal breasts”, route first, but quickly fell in love with Iris, the gluttonous tsundere loli! If you already have a weak spot for tsundere lolis, Iris’ seiyuu, Okuyama Ayumi, sounds just like Kugyuu AKA Kugimiya Rie on top of everything. Before I knew it, my heart had already been taken prisoner~ (*´Д`)ハァハァ♡

This game fulfills everything the first Boob Wars lacked. It’s a very entertaining and light game and I recommend it to those who are looking for more of a humorous game with a light plot and lots of ero scenes. I found the scenes to be pretty vanilla for the most part after testing Eroge! last, but there is a scene with nipple insertion… Don’t worry though! It has a major plot function, so no skipping through it! Right? Right!! (・∀・)☆


Overall, I was really pleased with Ultimate Boob Wars. It’s a fun and light nukige with lots of ero scenes and likeable characters. The main character and Savior, Haruto, is quite funny with his outbursts and rants about breasts and thanks to him and his love for breasts of all sizes, I think I’ve finally realized just what is so charming and entrancing about breasts! www

( ゚∀゚)o彡°Boobs! ( ゚∀゚)o彡°Boobs!


If you enjoyed the first Boob Wars and like all boobs big and small, definitely check out Ultimate Boob Wars!Ally☆」


Ally & Sally are twin sisters that love anime, idols, and eroge! Please check out their website!


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  1. Likeable characters? What are you talking about?

    Milpha is dumb as fuck, Iris is utterly useless and doesn’t want to admit it, Kotone is obedient towards Haruto as if he is some kind of god and Lumha is so incompetent that I have to wonder how the Big Boob Tribe hasn’t already lost the war if someone like her can get into the royal guard. Nico is cute, but to have sex with someone who calls you “papa” is more than a little creepy.
    Even worse, they are stereotypes that even I with my limited experience with eroges haven seen before: The airhead, the tsundere, the imouto and the cute loli. No innovation to be seen.
    Haruto is your typical nukige protagonist: Lazy, perverted and spineless (except when it comes to sexually assaulting women).

    I have only begun playing the game, but so far I fear another “Harem Party” (meaning a game with fucking annoying characters that only remembers every once in a while that it has a plot).
    That being said, the ero scenes are great and since that’s the main reason I bought the game I’m so far still satisfied. And I have to admit that as wrong as it is a world in which someone can grobe the breasts of female strangers without having to fear any consequences and in which children can have gigantic boobs is sexy.

    • pretty much with you on this, the characters are annoyingly cliche.

      I feel sorry for the translator/s who had to go through every bit of text lol, after reading for a couple of hours, then getting a headache, I can only imagine how much pain someone would go through translating it bit by bit.

      it has some alright ero scenes and frankly that’s probably the only bit that really matters when we’re discussing a title like this.

    • While the plot is happily non-existent most of the time, one thing that has surprised me about the game is the decent characterization. It’s not always completely logical, but it’s always very amusing. I can honestly say I enjoyed every route except for the bad end.

  2. I was never able to figure out how to get Tiara or any of the “others” scenes.
    The six main routes are straight forward, and Aria appears if you do Nico’s route and Lumha’s scenes are easy as well. But nothing I did made Tiara appear on the map.

  3. I agree with Ally. I liked the characters and i do0n’t care if they are some cliche or not. Like Ally i loved Iris and i went for her in the first route, but in the end i ended loving chocolate more when i played her route she is really funny.

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