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Alright, well, we all know what you really want to read about isn’t the past, it’s all those delicious hints at what’s coming down the pipeline in this new year, isn’t it? Well don’t worry, we’ve got plenty of those for you here this time!

With our new website up and running smoothly this year along with our hard copy section, you’re all in store for a plethora of new releases as 2014 kicks into gear. Already we’ve released our first title from our new partnership with Lilith–Valkyrie Svia–and this month sees the exciting first release of a softhouse seal GRANDEE title–Ultimate Boob Wars! But enough of that, let’s get on to the games!



Some of you already keeping tabs on updates to our new Project Status page might know where things stand, but here’s an overview for those who aren’t. The two big games in our upcoming catalog going through Beta Testing right now are Really? Really!, the sequel fandisc to Shuffle that follows up after Kaede’s route, and Chou Dengeki Stryker, an amazing expansion on the already hot-blooded hero action of Dengeki Stryker. For our new readers, Chou not only updates all of the original scenes with an exceptional amount of additional sprites, cut-ins, and animation effects, it adds three brand-new routes to let action and comedy kick into OVERDRIVE!

Armored Warrior Iris, Imouto Paradise, and Milles ~Knight of Anal Tyranny~ are the three in our catalog that are closest to hitting beta testing next, so you can expect to see all three of these coming up pretty soon in the following months.



We have a lot of new games coming through the pipeline now that are hitting the scripting or the porting stages, including four new titles from two new brands! But of course, this year we couldn’t talk about scripting without mentioning Doddler and all the great work he’s been doing for us, so I’ll let him say a few words here about how things have been and where they’re going for 2014!

“Porting of Really? Really! is now really really done, hopefully we’ll get that one out to you guys in the near future. D2B vs Deardrops is now in scripting, with a lot of progress being made on it already. Once those are off the plate, scripting will start on Cartagra, and beyond that Da Capo 3 and Kara no Shoujo 2. It’s certainly a lot of work to do, but we’re making some good headway against the onslaught of games. But what’s that? A whole bunch more games on the horizon? New genres even? I’ll never get a break at this rate!”



Our new editors have been doing a great job keeping up with all the new work from our growing breadth of translators working for us, so we already have a lot of stuff underway. Nearly everything we announced at AX and Otakon 2013 is in translation or already past that point, so we’ve already got our trusted team hard at work on several brand new titles from our partner brands as well as those from several new brands already. I won’t spoil the surprises too much this early in the year, but we already have one title that will make you question the meaning of love and happiness with it’s deep story, one title that will push the bounds and limits of what the English market’s officially seen, as well as two new titles that brave into completely new territory for our company. Of course, those hints are only for the games we’ve already secured. That says nothing about what negotiations are currently underway with a few different companies, including one big name we’re discussing title selection with. What a beautiful year to come.


Hard Copies

Now that our hard copy store is fully up and running, we’re hoping to add many different new hard-copies to our catalog this year. The first on our list is a hard-copy of Tick! Tack!, something we’re hoping to get out and have available just in time for the beginning of convention season. Though these are still unconfirmed at the moment, we’re also taking Eroge!, Harukoi Otome, and Chou Dengeki Stryker into serious consideration as hard-copy candidates. There’s even a couple more we may be able to look at printing depending on how the cards fall.

Our first major convention for 2014 is going to be Sakuracon, so we hope to see lots of you there when we start making our announcements!

Oh, right, but of course! What would a look forward be without a glimpse of something you might start seeing from us next year! Enjoy–

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  1. A hard copy of Tick! Tack! is fantastic news. Could you also add all high res CG material and wallpapers you might have hidden in your treasure chest as bonus material please?! 🙂

    I guess the two new titles that brave into completely new territory are the BL and the Otome games. And I fear that the title that will push the bounds and limits of what the English market’s officially seen is probably Euphoria. No idea what the title with the deep story could be.

    I didn’t get the video (yet)… 🙁

    • I guess the brief scenes with the coastline in the background are the hints. But what could it be? A title in a Caribbean scenario?

    • http://knowyourmeme.com/memes/yaranaika-やらないか

      I think that should tell you everything you need to know. =)

      • Oh hey. I’ve seen dakimakura with the older mechanic guy… oh wait… MY EYES~! ><;;;

        Can't wait to hear who the new brands that have signed on are. I've got many many many many groups in my wish list. 😀 (Debo no su? Lump of Sugar? Leaf? Light? Unisonshift? I could go for hours XD)

    • I’m 99% sure that the deep story title is Boku ga Tenshi ni Natta Wake. It’s an Overdrive game so they’ll definitely release it someday. And on top of that it has this in its vndb description:

      “Love can never bring people happiness.”, said Tomoe.
      “That’s not true at all! Falling in love makes your heart feel all light!”, Aine replied.

      Tomoe, who soon found himself aiding the “acting angel” with whom he couldn’t see eye to eye on anything in her work, is is drawn alongside Aine into deep involvement with others’ romantic lives…
      The many shapes of love, and the forms of happiness that pass before our eyes every day.
      This is their journey to find the true meaning of happiness.
      And at that journey’s end, his own reason for living on.

      • I’d be for that, though I’d probably prefer Green Green.

        The only reason I’m interested in BokuTen is mostly because its apparently very different from the rest of OVERDRIVE’s catalog + I like somber/depressing stuff to read from time to time.

      • My wayyy out there hopeful guess is White Album 2, but while that’s true of the story I don’t think that’s the first tagline you’d pick for that sort of game. It could also fall under new territory, but…eh. It would also mean a big new partner brand announcement, but that’s also why I’m pretty doubtful – there are older games from Leaf that are just as iconic and I’d be surprised not to see them first.

        But again, this is me trying to fit a way out there guess into those lines. It probably is Bokuten.

    • Yeah, Bokuten sounds like a good guess. Don’t like what I’ve heard and seen about it so far. Bland heroine cast and all gloomy and depressing atmosphere with mostly bitter sweet endings.
      Overdrive kind of stands for good mood to me and I’d like to keep that feeling. I’ll probably pass on that one and wait for the Green Green remake.
      I guess 2015 won’t be a good year for me with already 4 titles that don’t interest me. Though there’s still a slim chance for the Otome title if MG picked the right one.

  2. Oh my goodness. So many goodies. <3
    So ridiculously excited for the Tick! Tack! hard copy. =3

  3. Ah just what I wanted on the sales floor, more throbbing male phallus.

  4. >Though these are still unconfirmed at the moment, we’re also taking Eroge!, Harukoi Otome, and Chou Dengeki Stryker into serious consideration as hard-copy candidates.

    Demon Master Chris not a good contender for hardcopies? I’m kind of surprised. Not worth it with the low price point?

    >one title that will make you question the meaning of love and happiness with it’s deep story

    Make use of that gogonippon steam page for some viral marketing, cause it’d be funny as hell if bokuten sold more in the west than it’s sad performance in japan.

    >one title that will push the bounds and limits of what the English market’s officially seen

    Whew, don’t think you guys have confirmed Euphoria hard enough yet. Maybe you should have doddler tweet about it some more.

    • Fairly certain Demon Master Chris isn’t a Manga Gamer license acquisition so they don’t have control over making hard copies for it…

  5. Despite being a Nerine fan I didn’t really enjoy Tick Tack. Still, because I am a Nerine fan and I like Suzuhira hiro sensei’s artwork in general I’ll still buy the hardcopy of Tick Tack.

    Also glad to see clear dvd cases being used. I’ll be so disappointed if a Tick Tack copy arrives to only find the game cased in a black dvd case.

  6. A deep story. Hmm… What could that be?

    SubaHibi? OreTsuba? Did you somehow get Age back on board for KimiNozo?

    • Uhhh not SubaHibi. I’d be hard pressed to say that “what is love, really?” is a primary theme there.

      I haven’t read too much of Oretsuba but…yeah, that’s not the first thing I’d say about that one to be sure! I would be very surprised to see MangaGamer pick up Oretsuba (or Tsuriotsu for that matter) before they hire more translators and editors as the length and, maybe more importantly, the length and meat of each individual line, is pretty big.

      Da Capo III R (being so long) did surprise me, true, but with DC being so popular and DC III being similar to its predecessors in theme, that’s probably less of a risk.

      Maybe KimiNozo, who knows?

  7. I wonder if the new ‘big name’ they are discussing title selection with is Eushully.

  8. I’m excited that there will be a hard copy of Tick Tack. I hope it is a special edition.

    I think you’re going to need to clone Doddler to be able to get all the games out.

    Is the Santa girl from Da Capo 3?

    The video probably scarred me for life.

  9. Oh, definitely a vote for the Eroge! hard copy from me. I’ve been hoping for this ever since it was first announced.

  10. Chou Dengeki Stryker sounds like a massive rip-off and f-you for anyone that bought the original.

  11. I like how there were ImoPara pic’s but nothing mentioned of it. I want my Imouto’s. xD

    • It was mentioned though:
      “Armored Warrior Iris, Imouto Paradise, and Milles ~Knight of Anal Tyranny~ are the three in our catalog that are closest to hitting beta testing next, so you can expect to see all three of these coming up pretty soon in the following months.”

  12. Any chance of seeing eden* translated and released this year?

  13. Phantom Thief 1412

    Oh, that first ImoPara picture has a cameo from Moonstone CHERRY’s first game, Icha Pri. That’s a neat little easter egg.

  14. I was thinking about hanging myself if Cartagra wasn’t mentionned this time but, good, I can defer my suicide for later.
    Tell me if I’m wrong : scripting is the part where the translation is writing inside the VN?
    So… how Kara no Shoujo 2 can be in scripting stage when the Project Status page says that the translation hasn’t even started? Not that it bothers me.

    • I don’t think it says Kara no Shoujo 2 is in scripting anywhere? The project status page says materials received, and on the forums it’s listed as translation slated to begin once Cartagra is done translation.

  15. sTOP BEING SUCH A COCKTEASE. I don’t think a typical vanilla VN will “push bounds and limits”. It’s just GOTTA be Euphoria!!

  16. “I don’t think it says Kara no Shoujo 2 is in scripting anywhere? The project status page says materials received, and on the forums it’s listed as translation slated to begin once Cartagra is done translation.”

    >Yeah, I quickly jumped to conclusions. “scripting will start on” is not “scripting is”.

    So, if I resume, before Cartagra, there is :
    -Really? Really!
    -Chou Dengeki Stryker
    -Armored Warrior Iris
    -Imouto Paradise
    -Milles ~Knight of Anal Tyranny~
    -D2B vs Deardrops

    So… hmmm… six months at least?

    And, before Kara no Shoujo 2…
    -Cartagra, of course
    -Da Capo 3

    but I think it would be very optimistic to think there will be only Da Capo 3 between Cartagra and KnS2.

  17. Here’s hoping we get to enjoy Chou Dengeki Stryker along with Guardians of the Galaxy (though I get the feeling I may take more of a liking to the talking raccoon more than the taking dog, lol)

    As for who the big name company could be that you guys are talking to my guess is Akabe Soft2 since I remember a couple years ago you guys mentioned talking with them. I wish it could be age, but wasn’t that bridge burned over a disagreement with Ixrec?

    As for my guess for what the new territory game for you guys could be…the Mai Hime game from Circus. You haven’t done an anime license before, it’s something you could put on Steam which does seem to be turning out well with GGN, and in a tweet you did mention something about the ESRB so…

    • Their games have already been translated, I would prefer something else. After all. ef from Minori also isn’t very successful. VN fans don’t want to purchase something they’ve already read.

      • You do realize if a deal with Akabe Soft2 is made that also means we have a chance at Akatsuki Works games like RuiTomo and DDC, plus there’s more than Sharin no Kuni and G Senjou from AS’ library…I’ve heard WLO is good,and it has a fandisk…and…hold I’ll check VNDB and then I’ll get back to you…


  19. So seems like I won’t be seeing products from Innocent Grey or Noesis anytime soon. Hopefully I’m still into playing H-games in that time, which I assume would be deep into 2014.

    • @HelloMellow: Have you checked the “Project Status” page? Two games by Innocent Grey are currently in the pipeline.

  20. I’m all in on the Tick! Tack! hardcopy. Really hoping you go through with Harukoi Otome hardcopies as well. I’ve been holding out for that and was just about to break down, but I can wait a bit longer now. Eroge is another I’d go hardcopy for.

    Looking forward to many of the announced titles, and curious about what’s being teased. Not making any guesses myself on what they might be though.

  21. I know that you get asked that question every year, but when are you going to start localizing animes? You didn’t remove the “anime” rider from your site with the reworking of the homepage, so I assume that it must still be one of your long term goals.

  22. Seems like there will be a lot to look forward to this year.

    Especially the hardcopy line up so far looks promising to me with “Tick! Tack!” and eventually “Chou Dengeki Stryker” – and will go straight to top of my personal “to buy”-list.

    And I would be more than happy if Cartaga and Da Capo 3 could also join the ranks on the hardcopy front when the time comes! XD

    BTW, since I’m wondering for a while now why you guys at MangaGamer didn’t go for it:

    Will there (ever?) be a NON-ALL-AGES hardcopy release of Kira Kira & Curtain Fall (similar to the Edelweiss D.S.)?

    I would really, REALLY love to that and would have already added it to my games collection, if it existed. I mean enjoyed & got hooked on the demo and all, but I’m still reluctand to buy the uncut download version, since I highly prefer hardcopies whenever possible. ^_^!

  23. Where’s hard copies on the brazilian stores??????

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