Queen Regina and Sadin


Today we’ll be introducing Queen Regina and Sadin from Milles, Knight of Anal Tyranny!

Regina is the Queen of  Schnarb, a small nation that’s isolated itself from others due to the monsters infesting the woods on its border. Every year their kingdom offers one girl as a sacrifice to their local diety, Diva, but Regina doesn’t believe any of that. She refuses to believe that any god would request such sacrifices from her people. So after many years of preparation, she’s finally arranged for a chance for her and this year’s sacrifice to escape. But as she races through the forest and encounters its denizens…


She finds out the hard way that she gets aroused by having other people watch her in the act, though. Which leads her into ever more precarious positions…


Sadin is the girl chosen to be this year’s sacrifice. While she had come to accept her fate, Regina convinces her to flee, giving her one last chance at hope. Hope that’s quickly shattered…


As Sadin comes to accept her role as a sacrifice once again, she’ll learn that she likes it hard. And rough. And painful. It never hurt so good, until now.


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  1. i know this is a nukige but i have two questions about this title…one is how long it takes to beat it(i mean the title heheh)and does the futanari character gets to “interact” with the other females in the game?

  2. O.O

    …………how do i get this

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