Tester's Corner: Lapis Gunner Ed. Vol 1

Lapis Gunner

Today we’re proud to present a few words on Lapis Gunner from Ally and Sally!

Out of the blue, I was suddenly asked to beta test MorningStar‘s Lapis Gunner, the sequel to Ruby Striker! ☆


Although all the games I have tested for MangaGamer up until now have been nukige, I prefer more story driven games, and wasn’t very interested in MorningStar’s catalog hearing that they were all budget nukige. However, when Ruby Striker was released, I was impressed by how enthusiastic the Japanese company seemed to be about it’s release in English after reading their blog post and grew a bit curious about it!

When I was asked to test Lapis, the second game in the Jewel Stars trilogy, I decided to buy Ruby Striker and quickly check out the first game. By no means, do you have to play Ruby Striker first to enjoy Lapis though! If you played through Ruby Striker, then you probably have a good idea of what horrible torture is going to befall Lapis this time… Tentacles, demons, magical dickworms, and lots and lots more tentacles! (・∀・;)


It’s a rather short game, but it’s actually surprisingly well done. I was pleasantly surprised at how descriptive and well written the game was after previously testing Ultimate Boob Wars! It made Lapis’s violation all the more painful to watch. Lapis is pretty cute with her strong resolution to rescue Ruby from the evil Zodiac no matter what too!

This time, the scenes also get more intense as Lapis, who was originally a virgin like Ruby, is made to lay demon eggs, make milk for her offspring, and then violated in front of and together with Ruby, the very girl she came to save! Poor Lapis~ (`;ω;´)ノ


If you’re a fan of tentacles and want a short and dark nukige, Lapis Gunner does not disappoint!「Ally☆」
Ally & Sally are twin sisters that love anime, idols, and eroge! Please check out their website! ♡ → www.moetwinstyle.com

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  1. It must be weird playing this from a female perspective

    Best line of the game in that last screenshot though :p

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