Announcing Sakura Spirit!


Today we’re proud to announce Sakura Spirit, an original English, all-ages Visual Novel developed by Winged Cloud!

Join Takahiro as his wish to win his upcoming Judo competition sends him into a whole new world with warrior women trying to hunt down two foxgirls!

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While Sekai Project will be releasing Sakura Spirit on Steam, every fan who buys the game from us here at MangaGamer will be able to have access to a DRM free copy for download, as well as a Steam Key.


For less than $10, how could you say no to those cute, fluffy tails?


Pre-orders are open now, so order before the game’s release in late June to get 25% off!

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  1. This looks quite nice for any VN, not just original English ones. And who could say no to fox girls?

  2. How is this all ages with all that cleavage?? Also, does Steam not allow 18+ visual novels? They do sell mature games after all.

    • Mature rating is technically 17+, so it’s not quite the same. It’s why Manhunt’s original AO rating was a big deal a while back. That said, Steam has been getting pretty lax about the issue, so I wouldn’t be surprised if some got into Steam soon enough. They do have an age-gate function, so they could simply use it for those games.

      • Interestingly, there are games rated M by ESRB, that get an 18+ rating from PEGI, which is the strongest PEGI rating there is, and are still sold normally on Steam. Examples include all Dragon Age games, Far Cry 3 and some Assassin’s Creed games.

        On the other hand, there was a game that had explicit sex in it that got pulled from Greenlight last year. So while it’s possible, I’m not sure if Valve would allow an eroge to get on Steam.

    • Why would having overly large breasts with no nipples showing and no sexual content need an 18+ rating anyway?

    • I know this visual novel inside out, F.U youtube, F.U

  3. The all ages rating is kind of amusing considering that the title looks like pure fan service.
    But the art is really good. It’s almost hard to believe that it’s a native English title.
    BTW, is their any romance in it? And what’s the “Kemonomimi” tag supposed to mean?
    Anyway, the girls look so cute and sexy that I will definitely buy it.

  4. When the surprise about “oh, pre-orders for Cartagra are open now” and not for some new random nukige?

  5. To many boobs but no H?
    Is this a lame joke?

  6. Those girls have some kind of skin disease, just look at all those ugly white spots on their breasts.

  7. Just curious, is this 1366×768 like DMC? The ratio of the scaled down screenshots seem to indicate that.

  8. One of best US VNs *u*

  9. They should make a Hentai out of this,it would be definetly awesome.Also,yeah,there is no need for age restriction because there is no “nudity”.

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