Really? Really! – Returning Characters 2

titleWelcome back! As with last week, we’ll be reintroducing characters from the prequels and giving you some previews of some of the interesting changes Kaede’s false memories will bring to the mix. Are you ready? (Disclaimer: Spoilers for Shuffle/Tick Tack are possible! Don’t say you weren’t warned.)

The princess of the Devils. She’s very polite and very close to Sia. She likes to go by the nickname “Rin” for reasons explained during Shuffle, but which probably causes no shortness of confusion to readers… Nerine’s “Rin”, the male lead “Rin” and Primula’s “Rimu”… Thank goodness for honorifics, which at least help differentiate the name mix ups a bit…

Memory Changes
So, any fans of Tick Tack here? Of course there are! So, which Nerine was your favorite? If you said the red-haired Nerine, then you’re in luck:

She returns!

She returns!

Blunt, casual, but still all over Rin. The better question? How does she show up from a memory malfunction of Kaede’s? Is Kaede secretly a slider? Time traveler? Someone better tell Haruh– No, I’m not going to tempt fate.

An artificially created girl made in collaboration between the Worlds of the Gods and the Devils. She’s practically a sister of Nerine’s, and acts very close to Rin and Kaede. Despite a lack of control, she has the most powerful magic ever known… which sort of leads us into our plot, yes?

Memory Changes
There are a lot of little changes through the game, so I’ll focus on the one I found most fun: If you played Shuffle, you might remember as her route went on, her emotions started to develop. Well, how about if Primula had been a super cheerful happy girl the WHOLE time?

PrimulaAdorable, huh? You know you all want to see Primula’s loveable side, even if it’s a trick of Kaede’s mind!

Rin and the others’ teacher at Verbena Academy. She’s very strict if students misbehave, but does seem to genuinely care for her pupils.

Memory Changes
This one is pretty straightforward (and by now, you’d probably know what’s coming!): Nadeshiko and Rin are now childhood friends, and are dating! But, they’re still teacher and student… This could get interesting!

Some characters don’t have enough changed about them to mention, but are still worth being introduced!

The princess of the Gods; she prefers to go by her nickname, “Sia.” Very upbeat, although I’m hard pressed to call her the most cheerful character in the game when we have the likes of Kareha around… Very devoted to Rin, even though in this universe, she wasn’t chosen. She still gets a decent amount of screen time, though!

Swimsuit shots always go over well!

Swimsuit shots always go over well!

The Kings
Ah, Forbesii and Eustoma, the King of the Devils and King of the Gods. One is more serious while one is more goofy, but they’re both a great time! Any scene involving them really comes to life. They have some… very unique chemistry!

...Yup. Not much to say about this.

…Yup. Not much to say about this.

Last but not least, who could forget Kareha? A good girl with a sunny disposition, apt to get lost in her own fantasies. Anytime you hear “My my my!” you can expect her to light up like a Christmas tree. She’s Asa’s best friend, and can generally be found in cheerful situations.

Yup. Christmas tree. Standing by it.

Yup. Christmas tree. Standing by it.

Hope you all enjoyed! Join us again next week where we’ll introduce some of the new characters!

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  1. Forbesii and Eustoma…My my my! lol XD Still can’t wait for this game. The days are going by like years for me it seems.

  2. Jesus, the image with Forbesii and Eustoma emits some real Yaoi vibes. And Forbesii is quite the hot Bishonen. He looks so feminine that he could almost enter a Miss contest and win.
    Considering the best looking Nerine, I think Licoris is best since her blue eyes harmonize even better with the blue hair than Nerine’s red eyes. It’s the only difference between them, so it’s not a biggie.

  3. Forbesii x Eustoma OTP

  4. TSUBOMI!!!!!
    Kyaa, Kyaa, Kyaa!!!

  5. Ahh~ Nadeshiko, my queen~ <3

  6. How could Kaede have memories of Red Nerine? Maybe that pocket watch in TT had another function…

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