Tester's Corner: Hypno-Training My Mother & Sister

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Hypno-Training My Mother & Sister was a 2011 release by developer Ame no Murakumo. I recently had the chance to test this game as part of the series of short and fast pickup nukige by MangaGamer.

Testing these games was an interesting experience. As they were shorter games, the titles used new translators along with a new scripting format that Doddler had implemented to streamline workflow.

Hypno-Training was a very short game, with a full play through taking only a few hours even with the reduced reading pace required from testing. The themes of the game were a bit dark, with the protagonist Minoru being annoying and whiny, fucking his life problems away. The game features only two major endings, a normal end and a good end, both of course featuring ample erotic content featuring both the mother Chikako and the sister Saki in a final group sex scene.


All in all, Hypno-Training My Mother & Sister was a short testing experience, one that was greatly overshadowed by my previous assignment of Cho Dengeki Styker. While it is not a literary masterpiece, it provides plenty of family-themed erotic material for those inclined to use it.


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  1. Sounds like RaptorFB’s new favorite nukige.

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