Announcements from Anime Expo 2014!

Anime Expo

This year at Anime Expo, we at MangaGamer are proud to announce the addition of three new brands, three new titles, and three new genres for our company!


First off, we’re proud to announce our new partnership with Liarsoft! With the help of this new partnership, we’re proud to announce the first ever officially licensed steampunk visual novel–Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning! The latest entry in liarsoft’s famous steampunk series of games, this title is one fans both new and old can enjoy.

Gahkthun - 1

Set in an alternate universe where Earth is connected to Kadath, an alien planet reminiscent of Lovecraft’s Dreamworld, Engine technology from this alien world has rapidly advanced civilization at the cost of horribly polluting Earth.

Gahkthun - 2

In Gahkthun, join Nikola Tesla, an electrified, super-heroic detective as he travels to an independent scholastic city on an artificial island off the coast of Marseilles, The Academia, in order to investigate the mysterious intrigues plaguing the school and its students.

Gahkthun 3Fight alongside Tesla and his electrical brilliance as he faces mysteries, secret societies, and mecha!

Next up, we’re proud to announce our very first otome game license!


We’ve partnered up with Poni-Patchet to bring OZMAFIA to the western audience!


OZMAFIA follows the tale of Fuuka, a girl with amnesia who doesn’t remember her own name, once she’s rescued from the streets by members of the Oz family mafia. She begins trying to do her best in this dangerous city where several different rival mafia gangs are constantly at war for control and territory.


As Fuuka tries to make do for herself amidst this danger, what fate lies in store for her? Will she grow close to one of the members of another faction? Will she fall in love with a member of the Oz family and face a love-triangle over her affections? The choice is yours!

Furthermore, we’re proud to announce MangaGamer’s breakthrough into another new genre BL (Or Yaoi) games!


We’re partnering up with pa-rade to bring the brand new BL-game, No, Thank You!! — a BL-game both women and men can enjoy!


When the protagonist saves a man from an out-of-control car, he loses his memories in the accident. With no means of identification on him, the man he rescued takes responsibility for him and brings him to a little bar on the outskirts of downtown call ‘sotano’.

NTY3Here at this cozy-looking jazz bar, the newly named Haru begins working as an apprentice bartender while hitting on his male coworkers and thrusting his way deeper into the dark side of their business–serving as detectives who take on cases even the police and legitimate agencies won’t touch.



And lastly, we’re proud to announce our special surprise–Higurashi will be getting updated sprites for its upcoming Steam release! The new sprites are being illustrated by Kurosaki from Caramelbox, who previously worked on Uhou Renka. We will be releasing Higurashi by the chapter, so we hope to have the first chapter of the updated release out by the end of year! We’ll also be selling the new version on our website as well. Those who buy the new version from our website will also receive Steam keys for the game. The old version with the original sprites will continue to be sold on our website as well, and all current and future owners of this version will also receive the updated translation at no additional cost.

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  1. Not sure what to think about these announcements…I was hoping for more BOOM!!!! but maybe it’s just me.

    Love the OP of Gahkthun by Rita. As for OZMAFIA, will be keeping an eye on it since I still want to see that Hiiro no Kakera in English.

    Sekai Project’s announcement of Grisaia no Kajitsu though left a bigger impression on me. Though most people following the fan project would have all ready read it, it’s just amazing to have gotten a deal with Front Wing though it might end up like ef.

  2. Looking forward to all of the new licenses. I don’t think that’s happened since… ever.

    Will there be a way to get Higurashi with both the old & new sprites? Maybe some kind of toggle in the game menu? I’d also be willing to download the two versions separately, as long as it didn’t cost more.

    • Basically, we’ll still be selling the original version on our website and that will receive the updated translation.

      The updated sprite version will be available on Steam and our website as well.

      The two will be treated as separate versions (like buying a Blu-Ray remake of your favorite DVD movie.)

  3. Are you still planning on ripping Higurashi out of the wonderful nScripter engine that can be made easily cross platform, and shove it on your proprietary slow one? How about the background noise?
    You’ve already lost most of my trust by giving me a disc that lost every single good point of higurashi, you’re going to have to do more than “We’re going to make it less terrible” to get me to buy from you again.

    • NScripter is proprietary engine which does not support English text well. The upcoming Steam release of Higurashi will use Doddler’s Unity-based engine, not BGI which was used by the previous release of Higurashi. Since Unity is compatible with a lot of different platforms, a cross-platform release of Higurashi is technically feasible (though has not been confirmed).

      • I hope it’ll be cross-platform (esp. Linux). If it was, I’d most definitely buy it. Being a fan of the anime, I’d like to see the universe’s roots.

  4. I’m actually really excited about all of these announcements (I’ll be even more excited if Euphoria is announced at the next convention). This has probably been the first time I’ve been excited about all the new games announced.

  5. The new Higurashi artwork looks great! Although, I have a lot of questions. Are the backgrounds the same? And are there CGs? I can’t wait to find out!

  6. Hooray! The hands and fingers of Higurashi will no longer be the stuff of nightmares. That announcement is honestly more surprising than any of the others.

    I really like steampunk works, so I’m looking forward to learning more about Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning.

  7. I am so happy you guys are bringing over No, Thank You!!!

    I’ve been waiting such a long time for a company to release some games intended for gay guys. (And for the straight ladies too!) The artwork for the game looks incredible. I hope you guys have some more stuff for gay audiences in mind. Cheers.

    • It’s pretty hard to find yaoi/BL games that can appeal equally well to both girls and guys, so we’re pretty excited we managed to find one.

      Here’s hoping it does really well!

  8. Great, game for girls and for homo’s. Cool announcement

  9. The new Higurashi art will definitely help to buff the Steam sales. Didn’t see that coming.
    Still, nothing of interest for me among the new releases. Gahkthun and OZMAFIA have water color art which I don’t like and Yaoi isn’t my thing either.
    I hope Otakon will have more to offer.

  10. Thank you so much for localizing Ozmafia! I will be purchasing that day one!

    Will you be considering localizing any R-18 otomes? No English company has done this before and it’s driving me nuts. I need to throw my money at someone for this.

    • We don’t have any R-18 Otome games we’re looking at right this moment, but assuming this game does well, that’s definitely something we could look into.

  11. Just stopping by to say thank you for localizing OZMAFIA!! You’ve made me and many other otome fans very happy, I can assure you. All the blogs/forums I frequent are going crazy with excitement. :)))

    Also many thanks for the updated Higurashi sprites!

  12. It would probably be smart to also announce the new sprites for Higurashi on Higurash’s Greenlight page.

    The people who visit that page are the ones who need to be convinced to buy Higurashi.

  13. Holy… fuck yeah! Liarsoft!

    Never thought that I might see an official English release of their games. I’m over the moon with that announcement already.

    Hopefully we can also get the earlier entries in the series.
    Also, any chances for some rail-soft games later down the line?

  14. Diverse products are definitely relevant to my interests. I had been hoping for several years that MG would be willing to localize visual novels with pairings other than boy x girl. Thank you for making this possibility real with NTY and Ozmafia. I will seriously consider purchasing one or both.

    Hinano didn’t have much good to say about Ozmafia when she reviewed it last year. However, it did get a decent review on Otome Jikan. Also, I searched for “pa-rade no thank you,” and found a few positive comments about the story.

    It seems notable that No Thank You and Ozmafia are the first products from two companies. Perhaps the relative size / lack of fame of the companies was a factor in getting the products licensed. Also, during late June 2014, the people at Poni-Pachet expressed interest in creating a translation of their VN.

    As for Ourai no Gahkthun, it seems to be a linear story with multiple protagonists. According to its VNDB entry, it also has timed choices. I found that design choice somewhat frustrating in Love Hina Advance, Yo-Jin-Bo, and Sakura Wars 5. However, I don’t consider timed choices to be a deal breaker. In any case, I looked for reviews, and Amaterasu’s Blog, Visual Novel Spam, and Gareblogs all had positive things to say about Gahkthun.

    • I wouldn’t accept anything Hinano says as gospel. She has very particular tastes, (who wouldn’t after playing as many otome games as she has?) and her bias is heavily reflected in her reviews. It’s understandable, since these are reviews and not summaries, but people tend to forget that. And while I respect her opinions, she said so herself that OZMAFIA!! may just not have been her thing, since many others liked it.

  15. Thanks for helping bring over an otome game like Ozmafia!! It makes me very happy that people know we exist. Definitely day one purchase for me! I really hope that you will look after more otome games to release, both all ages and R-18!

  16. Wow! I was always hoping for you guys to bring over Otome games since you already have a great selection of eroges so this news makes me so happy. I’ll definitely get Ozmafia, and maybe No! Thank you when I have the extra money. I hope both games sell well so you’ll consider bringing in more 😀 MangaGamer for everyone!!!!

  17. i’m quite dissapointed. 2 out of the 3 announcements are directed towards the female audience. While the final one has no resemblance to a harem.

    I was constantly checking back to this site, excited at the tease of three new titles. And i was left incredibly saddened.

    I didn’t see this coming. Mangagamer’s catalog has always been directed toward the male crowd so why the sudden change. If anything, this only makes me fear for the future of mangagamer. I understand that there are other audiences to target but there aren’t many visual novel company’s. And the handful of visual novel company’s there are are always trickling out titles to begin with.

    There are so many titles out there, and to be shown this…..

    • Expanding to capture a wider audience isn’t a bad thing.

      • this is my answer: Expanding to capture a wider audience is a bad thing.

        hopefully you can get what i’m trying to say by simply modifying your reply.

      • How can trying to expand to capture a wider audience be a bad thing? Expanding to give other people what they want leads to more games being licensed. Expanding leads to more games that you want being licensed. Your argument lacks any detail on why MangaGamer should not expand to accommodate more people besides yourself. There are plenty of games for you to look forward to besides what was announced.

      • Well, it can be, if they do it at the expense of your existing audience.

    • Heaven forbid MG tries something new. Expanding to capture a wider audience is NOT a bad thing, especially if there’s a demand for it. It’s not just a “sudden change” like you say because believe it or not, quite a number of people asked for otome games and clearly let localization companies know that there’s a market for them. In fact, the Aksys title “Hakuouki” sold very well (enough for them to port it to both the 3DS and PS3) and currently has over one hundred 5 star ratings on Amazon. At this point, localizing OZMAFIA!! and games like it sounds like a pretty good business decision to me.

      Besides, not all MG fans are just fans of male targeted games. I absolutely love visual novels as a whole, and I am more than willing to try just about anything. Yes, the vn market here in the west is still pretty niche, but it’s grown and expanded so much within these past couple of years. It’s really amazing to see! Why limit yourself to to just one type of game? I mean, just a few years ago, otome and bl games would have been out of the question. But look where we are now!

      I apologize for the long reply. You’re free to have your own opinions, but I just wanted you to understand the point of view of someone who disagrees.

    • Chill out dude, it was 2/3 titles for this round of announcements…and there’s literally a dozen already announced, but not released, titles directed to a male audience on the project page, in addition to the dozens of other games already being sold that cater to guys.

    • Are you a communist? Do you hate money? Manga Gamer wants to expand their market and make more money, why are you against that? Are you even American??

  18. Would it be possible for a new version of Higurashi to keep the original music that was removed in MG’s first release? That’s what I really care about.

    I’ve heard that the French publishers were able to contact the track owners and do this.

    • I’m actually kinda confused as to why people want the original music that was replaced so badly. Most of those tracks weren’t even composed for Higurashi and were of extremely poor audio quality. A lot of the replacements were much better than the originals.

      (If those MIDI tracks were actually re-encoded properly, that would be entirely different matter, though.)

      • Some of the new tracks are better, but the tracks in Kai by Fuuiki and others are sorely missed. Especially 月(惨⇔賛)歌, which is one of my favorite songs in the whole series.

        Also, the MangaGamer tracks in the Question arcs are much shorter and repeated more often. I don’t know how many original tracks were kept, but all the MangaGamer original tracks have just ~30 total minutes of playtime. Hearing that repeated throughout 30-50 hours of reading can be insanity inducing!

        Plus, some of those original free tracks are really nice. Like “msys29,” which I often find myself humming spontaneously.

  19. I thought MG said Imopara was up for pre-order on the stream… It’s not even up for pre-order yet…

    • MangaGamer said that Imopara is up for pre-order on their website. Do you honestly believe they could put Imopara up on Steam?

    • We’re currently having difficulty accessing the admin section of the website due to all of our staff being here in LA. Sadly, we can’t put it up at this time due to that, but we will as soon as our staff can access it. (Likely sometime Monday evening.)

  20. About Higurashi…

    “It seems like Mion’s cup-size has increased and for some reason her shirt has crawled under her breasts, that is not how cloth physics work.”

    Can you have the shirt fixed please? As it is the PS2 sprites are better than these. Also her breasts really are too big.

    • TheGuraGuraMan

      For Higurashi, can you guarantuee that EVERY sprites will be redone ? You don’t intend to forget about the adult males or something like that right ? And what about new ones ? The most important to me is Rika’s kid version for the 4th arc, as she’s quite the important character, and keeping her usual sprite is more than weird considering the age difference :
      And there are also others like Kumagai, Kameda and so on who only have sprites in Higurashi Matsuri and Kizuna.

    • Seems I’m getting quoted 😛

      • That’s because you do have a point. 🙂 Seriously hope that they will do sth about it. Not really sure if I would buy it with Mion like this.

    • Yeah, Mion’s bigger breasts also irritated me when I first saw the new sprites. I think it’s a bad idea to sexualize characters in an all ages title, because since the protagonist is never going to have sex with any of the characters it’s more irritating than anything else.

      • I’m not sure what the problem is. Higurashi was always designed to be reminiscent of eroge. And don’t forget that Satoko already had abnormally large breasts in the original sprites.

        Speaking of whom, I’d be interested to see if they choose to recreate that sprite (you know the one…).

      • @Yirba: Which one? I didn’t read the original VNs. Yes mainly because of the sprites.

      • In the Tatarigoroshi arc Satoko has a sprite where she is completely naked for a very short time. Depending on how you look at it, it could be interpreted as pedophilia. Personally I don’t think it is, because the situation and sprite aren’t trying to arouse the player, they are trying to communicate Satoko’s distress.

        Here is a link to the sprite. It hasn’t been removed from the visual novel thus by checking the link you will gespoiled if you haven’t seen or read Tatarigoroshi before.

  21. You should run that Euphoria trolling into the ground.

    “We are Euphoric to announce our Otakon panel will be at XX:XX”
    “We are Euphoric to announce (Softhouse Seal shit)”
    “We are Euphoric to announce Amber Breaker”
    “We are Euphoric to announce our Q&A begins now.”

    “Hmm, did we forget a game? Oh right, we’re pretty stoked to announce Euphoria”

  22. So excited for you guys to get an Otome and BL title. I know for sure I’ll be picking up both (fairly certain some of my friends I tell will too X3)

    Here’s to hoping for a successful venture into new genres!

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  24. Gahkthun looks neat, I might check it out. Do you intend to have a demo for it available? That would certainly help in making a choice either way.

    While the other games don’t look particularly appealing to me, it’s great to see some more variety. Cheers guys.

  25. I’m so excited Ozmafia got licensed, it’s a great game. Just sayin’, if you do a deluxe edition I will buy at least two (finally I can make my friends play this and be able to fangirl about it with me!)

  26. Since you guys announced No Thank You, how about you guys localize euphoria? It’s by the same artist!

  27. The new sprites for Higurashi look for the most part pretty good. Only the extra focus on the characters breasts I think is a bit jarring.

    There are three reason for this. One is because it is not in line with the older sprites of Higurashi.

    Here are links to the older sprites for comparison:
    Orignal Mion Sprite

    PS2 Mion Sprite

    The second reason is because the characters clothes seems to defy physics just to make the breast more pronounced. (How does Mion’s shirt get under her breasts?)

    The third reason is because Higurashi isn’t an eroge. As a game developer I think it is important to make design choices with a substantiated reason in mind. When designing an eroge for example it is fitting to make the breasts of characters more pronounced. You want to make the player sexual excited and want them interested in fucking the characters. In Higurashi this isn’t the case. This makes the extra focus feel out of place.
    I get the feeling that Kurosaki is just drawing in the style he/she is used to draw in for the eroges he has worked on without thinking for what kind of visual novel and story the sprites are going to be used.

  28. Interesting announcements. Definitely glad to see a deal made with Liarsoft…and I just realized you guys have revealed a game with another lightning themed hero for me to look forward to.
    Really interested in Ozmafia for two reasons: 1) The more otome games the better, 2) As someone who loves Baccano! I’m kind of curious if this could fill in that blank. On a side note, wow an OP with good english singing O.O
    As for No Thank You!…I have a confession to make: I have never played a BL eroge or VN before. This is mainly because the two available in english never interested me and the only one I had any interest in importing to try was this:
    and seeing as that was only out of curiosity as a Black Cyc fan, I never followed through. NTY does seem to have an appealing story (have a soft spot for mystery games) so I’ll definitely get it when it’s available. Here’s hoping it makes for a good first experience

  29. Totally psyched for Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning!

    Although, is there a chance that there will there be an option to remove explicit images from it? I prefer not having that type of material in visual novels but I’ll still get it regardless as I love the series.

    • Seconding the question about Gahkthun. I’ve been waiting for Liarsoft to release an all-ages version, but I’ll happily buy the translation if there’s a censor option.

  30. GenericPersonGuy

    I am both excited and confused about the Higurashi announcement.

    The new sprites look fantastic, but I’m left wondering why they opted to update only them and not the backgrounds. If they’re going to go so far as change one aspect of the visual novel, why not both?

    • The sprites were the main thing putting people off trying out Higurashi. There were far less complaints about the backgrounds. And even if some people dislike the backgrounds, they’re unlikely to stop anyone from purchasing the game.

      Creating new background images costs money, and MangaGamer probably didn’t feel it’d be worth it. Besides, the backgrounds look fine, in my opinion.

      • And I guess they couldn’t have just swapped the original sprites with the PS2/DS ones, since the rights to those versions are owned by Alchemist.

        Oh well, Kurosaki’s sprites are essentially just improved versions of the PS2 ones, so it’s all good.

  31. I’m very excited for the partnership with Liarsoft! I don’t care about the rest. I can’t see myself ever giving an otome or BL game a try…unless it involved traps. I would totally buy a visual novel that featured traps.

    • OZMAFIA features a reverse trap!

      • Reverse traps are great too, but that’s probably not enough for me to give OZMAFIA a try unless there’s a route for her which seems highly unlikely.

        I’ve read that Gahkthun is probably more properly classified as an otome game while lurking twitter, so I’m not so sure about that one anymore either. I may end up passing on all three announcements this time. Playing as a girl trying to romance bishounen pretty boys just seems not for me. Gahkthun at least has me interested enough in the VN where I still might give it a try.

      • I think Gahkthun is one for both the male and female audience with both male and female protagonists. They even released a “for boys” and “for girls” version with different extras. It sounds like a straight up visual novel not really a bishoujo or otome game.

      • Okay, you win this one 😛

        I’ll buy OZMAFIA when it comes out and give it a try. Traps and reverse traps are too good.

  32. 1. “Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning” looks kind of interesting. I’m kind of intrigued by the steampunk setting and that it features Tesla, but what’s really gets me excited is the Dreamlands part of it. I’ve read a couple of Lovecraft’s stories that are set in the Dreamlands (although I still have to read “The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath” itself) and it seems to be a very interesting setting with lots of possibilities. If they have managed to get that part right, I definetely want to read it.
    2. As of right now, I think I’ll pass on Ozmafia (although the art is beautiful).
    3. I think I’m going to buy “No, thank you!”, because the bar setting sounds like a lot of fun and G-Haro said on twitter that the writers put a ridiculous amount of thought into the plot.
    4. Updated sprites for Higurashi! I was so excited when I first saw that (and I still am). That will probably convince many Steam users to buy the game and also will make my experience more enjoyable when I get aroung to re-reading it.

  33. wow well done! otome is good news!!

  34. The first game looks really interesting. I’ll be looking for it. The otome was fine for those girls who have been asking for it, i’m happy for them. Althought i’m not happy at all for the bl.

    • hmm I don’t really see why you can’t be excited for the BL fans. I mean you don’t have to buy it if you don’t want it soooo…

  35. holy shit the new higurashi sprites are terrible, especially mion’s. the shirt sticking under the breasts is tacky as hell and the design is going to give the wrong impression to new audiences. hopefully the other characters aren’t as bad.

  36. Some truly great announcements there. I think I’ll end up getting most of these. A question about Higurashi, though – I understand that the old version will be getting the updated translation as they are released, but will buyers of it also get the new version with the updated sprites for Steam, or would they need to buy that again?

    • You would need to purchase the new version to benefit from the new sprites.

      I suppose that in theory, MangaGamer could sell a patch/DLC which would allow those who already own the game to receive the new sprites without paying for the whole game again. But that might be more complicated than it’s worth.

  37. Yay going to buy Gahkthun because tesla + steampunk is awesomesauce.

  38. I want Tesla to fuck me.

  39. Ehh, the only one that looks remotely interesting to me is the Liarsoft game and maybe Higurashi. I’m not into otome and I’m very disappointed to see Mangagamer go BL. I hope this doesn’t become a regular thing; bad enough that almost every non-BL/otome VN lately were kukige (or however it was spelled) types, but now we gotta deal with yaoi too?

  40. I’ve just noticed that according to the project page there will only be two announcements at Otakon in August. Since one of it will be most likely Euphoria, there’ll be only one possible bishoujo game announcement and even that could be just another rape hentai.
    So Overdrive’s utsuge flop and Liarsofts’s goofy art VN are pretty much the last best hope for simple fans of bishoujo games for next year?! Dark times lie ahead indeed for people who aren’t into dudes or rape. 🙁

    • I’m not into either of those things, either. I’m also not into the really violent stories or the extreme fetishes, but there are still 6 or 7 already announced titles that I’m looking forward to. I don’t think that is a dark future. I’m happy with that many games that look good coming out in the next 18 months or so. I’m glad they are trying to expand their market and release at least one game in a lot of genres.

    • You’re probably right, there’s still good stuff in the pipeline and the AX titles are mainly directed for another audience than bishoujo fans. Even Gahkthun is semi-Otome.

      For what it’s worth, I applaud MG for getting No, Thank You!!! I’m surely not an expert in BL games, but from what I’ve seen posted in the forum, this title is pretty much the F/SN of BL games. If I’d be into BL (which I’m not) it would be a clear must buy.

      Not so sure about the other two titles, but Ozmafia is probably the better of the two.

  41. Not SHUFFLE! Essence+ and Da Capo I and II Plus Communication yet,it’s boring e.e

  42. I really hope Mions sprite will be redone, her boobs just look ridiculous. Not going to buy the game like that.

  43. OMG OMG!No Thank you translated?!

    Please translate Hunk’s Workshop aswell :>

  44. Well, out of all the titles announced I am only interested in No Thank You. In fact, it was the reason why I came to know Mangagamer. I wont look at the rest until I got that bl game hahaha. Female fujoshi speaking here. And while I can listen to the voice actors’ Japanese, nothing beats reading it in my first language. And uncensored too. I am really glad you chose to go into the bl industry. I didnt think you made a wrong choice at all. I dont know if there are any more hardcore fujoshi out there going for this game for the middle aged men, but you have made one more girl happier. (:

  45. So excited about OZMAFIA!! and No, Thank You!!! As a female gamer who loves visual novels, it’s really hard to find companies willing to translate and publish otome and BL games. I’m so happy to see that Manga Gamer is giving these games a try. I’ll be sure to buy both games once they’re fully released! I’ll be gushing about them on twitter too I’m sure. <3

  46. thank you so much for ozmafia !! been waiting for an otome game for so long.

  47. ty so much for picking ozmafia for a first otome license thats truly a nice game, i really wanted that translated and now im so excited, also im glad you guys are broadening your titles for translations its nice to see a bit of both and its nice to show mangagamer doesn’t always pick the titles guys are interested!! really happy that females can get their share too~

  48. Any chance of No, Thank You! going on Android? I really wanna play that. 🙂

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