Sakura Spirit


We’re proud to announce that Sakura Spirit is now on sale and available for download! Order from us at MangaGamer to receive both a DRM free version, as well as a steam key!

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  1. I preordered the game, where would I find my Steam code?

  2. Plans for japanese voices??????

  3. There are so many typos in this game it’s not even funny.

  4. All the characters look the same…

  5. Sebastian Larsen

    I think the story is to good for the length of this game. I enjoyed the the game story and i enjoyed the music and artwork, but with the with all the ecchi scenes it works for the humor, but it happens all the time and makes it old pretty fast.

    You got one choice in the game and it is the same ending. I can understand making a short game for the companies first release, but as i said the story is to good for the short gameplay

    I enjoyed so much of the game, the set up the art and music and you can feel the effort, i don’t regret buying this game but as i said, the story and the length don’t mix well

    I’m not saying there should be many choices but it should be at least so you could get a romance with one of the characters so you can get a different ending

    But again i understand for the first game they have to test the how it is received but the story is just to good fr a test game. It is worth buying because i really wanna see more games with these standards

    All in all it is fun but to ecchi in your face and with nothing happening it just making even more anoying. But otherwise if they use the money i buyed this game with to make more games that have this standard then i would give this

    Five stars for art

    five stars for story potential

    Three stars for humor

    I support Winged Cloud to make more games

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