Cartagra ~Affliction of the Soul~


Today we’re proud to announce the release of Cartagra ~Affliction of the Soul~!

Celebrate Halloween with a tale of horror and mystery involving missing people, murder, and terrors that wait in the shadows!


Join us for another gut-wrenching horror mystery from the creators at Innocent Grey! Fans of Kara no Shoujo will probably be all too familiar with some of the characters as you enter the tale of Cartagra ~Affliction of the Soul~, set 4 years prior to the events in Kara no Shoujo. Here in this tale, you’ll follow Takashiro Shugo as he investigates a serial killer murdering prostitutes in Ueno, a case that steadily unravels into a deeper, more terrifying mystery!

Note: For those who purchase Cartagra: Since Cartagra marks our first multi-platform release, Download #1 = Windows version, Download #2 = Linux version, and Download #3 = Mac version.

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  1. Perhaps in the future you should make it more clear on the download page….Not everybody visits the staff blog like I do otherwise I wouldn’t know what the non-windblows links were…

  2. raincoat superstar

    Downloading as I type! Thanks so much for bringing us more from Innocent Grey.

  3. it is possible to use the save from the demo version, on the full retail copy ?
    if yes, were is the savefile ? and how to use it?

  4. Great that it’s out now! This should be VN of the year material.
    Just one Comyu route left to finish before I’m going to start with it…

  5. Is it playable without a walkthrough, unlike Kara no Shoujo (which I loved anyway)?

    • I think either game was playable without walkthrough if you tried enough of the different options. There is no complex evidence system in Cartagra either.

    • Um, getting access to some special route(s) in Kara no Shojo required the reader to find and click a ‘certain pixel’ in an investigation scene. Even with a walkthrough where the position was described, it took me several minutes of mouse-hover-search to find it. Anything like that in Cartagra too?

  6. Seconded andreas comment above – anyway to load up the demo save file? Anyone?

    • Actually it may be possible, but I haven’t tested it. If you go to your %appdata%Mangagamer folder, there should be a CartagraDemo folder. If you renamed that or copied it’s contents into the Cartagra folder, you can see if it works.

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