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Today we’re proud to present some comments from the creators of Royal Guard Melissa!

Hello Konnichiwa. I’m the chairman of Hentai Industries, Alamar Cinkokusai. Sorry to keep you waiting, all you monster rape fans of the world! Our second low-price monster rape game, Royal Guard Melissa, brought to you by Amamiya Tsumugi, a top-class creator in the eroge industry, along with an exciting setting and illustrations, is finally on sale!

Under normal circumstances, we hoped to release this title a little sooner, but one of the largest reasons it was pushed back is because I, myself, am not very good with English, so I feel a bit of regret over that. Why is this you ask? Well actually, Ruby Stryker and all of our other releases so far have been operating on a different engine from their Japanese versions, so we had to reprogram them while them looking over at the English text provided by the translation staff which took an overwhelming amount of time compared to our usual programming. However, our next scheduled release, Amber Breaker (Jacky&assault’s third episode in the Jewel Star series), will be using an engine close to the present one, so we hope to deliver it quickly as soon as the English translation is finished.

Now, this next part doesn’t relate to the game, but since some of you might be curious why we Japanese still aren’t very good with English after spending 6-10 years learning it, let me tell you the reason.

First of all, though it looks like we’ve been studying English for several years, we only study it in school for four hours a week, and the rest of our time is spent learning solely in Japanese. Plus, the studies are targeted purely towards raising our grades on the exams, so once the tests are over we no longer have any use for it, so we completely forget everything we learned.

One other reason, is that unless we’re dealing with  highly unique genre or a leaded edge field of study, nearly everything is available in Japanese translation. There are even physicists who have won the Nobel Prize that never understood English and studied solely in Japanese. In the end, most Japanese just don’t need English at all, so we end up being poor with English.

Furthermore, when it comes to otaku, most of us aren’t very interested in non-Japanese media with the exception of a few movies or games. And even those games get translated into Japanese if they’re popular. If otaku media like eroge starts seeing a flood of announcements in English instead of Japanese, perhaps myself and other Japanese might start taking more interest in learning English.

Now, that’s enough off-topic discussion, and I have an important announcement.

The Warrior Princes Asuka series will finally be concluded in the next episode!

We’ve included a few preview CG for it in Melissa, but here’s one to sample.


It seems like our Illustrator, Amamiya Tsumugihas awakened to something new, so after this title, we’ll be releasing a series of titles full of his unique fetishism in quick succession.



Notably, he is without a doubt the leading man behind eroge containing vore, something many believed to be in low demand in Japan. In fact, prior to his arrival there were hardly any eroge featuring vore, but over the past few years the term “vore” has steadily gained recognition amongst core fans. 


This is a bit of a tangent, but since “vore” was popularized as genre without a proper translation in the Japanese language, Japan now uses “vore”. However, since we didn’t know the word “vore” prior to such works becoming a genre of their own, our production team called them “swallowing” games for a time.


Last but not least, if any of you incurable perverts need more erotic, fetishy, and really crazy works from Amamiya Tsumugi, we hope you’ll visit our site and let us know.Never forget that voices of our fans are great encouragement for us perverted developers.

Alamar Chinkokusai

I’m Kairo Honda, the scenario writer for Royal Guard Melissa.

Melissa is a character with honest and genuine love and fealty towards Princess Asuka. Yet can her heart continue to remain true after the intense assault from these monsters? 

Those were the thoughts I constantly kept in mind as I wrote the text for this game. I hope you enjoy watching the lewd sight of Melissa succumbing to pleasure even as she thinks of her Princess!

-Kairo Honda


As a further chapter to Warrior Princess Asuka, Asuka’s personal knight and captain, Melissa, is modified and assaulted in this game. It was with great enthusiasm that I drew the sight of monsters pounding away at her body after being made into a futanari, as well as her fall from Gaurd Captain into a simple woman of lust.

-Amamiya Tsumugi

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  1. Yeah they do have some titles with gameplay that look interesting. I hope we can get some.

    I always like reading these. Alamar seems like a cool guy 8D

  2. Well Royal Guard Melissa is a futa title too so while gameplay might help I think the real issue for sales of this game is just that it’s a nukige about a fetish that’s pretty love it or hate it.

  3. So basically learning a foreign language in Japan is like learning a foreign language in the US.

    …I kind of expected as such.

    Still, I get the impression that game-wise there are a ton of PC games without Japanese translations; I know that Japan isn’t really into PC gaming, but I didn’t know that interest was THAT minimal (and FYI I don’t mean new games but rather the last 30-some years of PC games as a whole)

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