Space Pirate Sara Available for Pre-Order!

Today we’re proud to announce Space Pirate Sara  is available for pre-orders!

Join space pirate Sara on her quest against hero and villain alike in search of a treasured sword! Why is Sara after this Sword? What does it mean to her?
More importantly, can Sara withstand the sexual training regimen of the human-traffickers that possess the sword she seeks? Will she succumb before she manages to find and retrieve it?
Enjoy hot action featuring futanari, tentacles, and more while trying to solve different puzzles before Sara breaks!
Pre-order your copy today and have something to enjoy after Christmas when Sara goes on sale December 26th!
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  1. i have been waiting on this title since i saw the hentai. btw,i am noticing small artistic differences between the game screenshots and the hentai like the art is a little washed out or something.speaking of differences,besides the art is the plot line hentai scenes different from the ova??

  2. T_T Oh sweet merciful hentai gods thank you for these sweet bountiful gifts!

    In all seriousness I’m extremely excited to see that the last of the trio of Lilith titles is finally releasing, however I hope that we will be able to purchase other Lilith titles in the near future. I tip my hat to the talented hands at Mangagamer!

  3. Anyone know where I can buy the hentai

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