Tester’s Corner: Space Pirate Sara Ed. Vol 2

7_PuzzleToday we’re proud to present our second Tester’s Corner for Space Pirate Sara from Murderous Int!

Do you like when your ladies are packing that something extra? Do you like it when breasts gush motherly milk? Do you like humiliation and training from demented loli twins? Do you like obscure puzzles? Well you might like Black Lilith’s Space Pirate Sara.

Sara is a space pirate and captain and is looking to get a hold of the treasured sword of Bernstein. To do so she needs to get information on its whereabouts. Being a pirate, she has no qualms to the methods she uses in achieving this–through kidnapping and slave trading Sylvia, a knight for a Duke, to gain information on the swords location, to using many other underhanded methods. That is the life of a pirate. Yet in the process of getting closer to the sword Sara gets the tables turned on her and she ends up as the plaything of the ageless, demented, Baroness twins, Karin & Cecil. Will she get the sword of Bernstein? Why is it important? Can she escape from Karin & Cecil? What is the mystery behind their ageless youth?

Time to get out the sun tan lotion.

Time to get out the sun tan lotion.

The story is intriguing all on its own, with Captain Sara having a fleshed out past and character which develops during the story progression. The same is also true for her Vice Captain Hans, who also plays a unique role outside of the whole overall erotic story sections. The story kept me engaged to see how all this would all play out. One unique aspect to this particular game is the puzzles you have to solve when trying to retrieve the sword. Each puzzle is a different riddle and an enjoyable challenge, bringing something more to the erotic tale.

Don't look into their eyes?

Don’t look into their eyes?

Now the sex is what we are all here for, right? This game has you making three choices at set intervals. The choices break down into: humiliation in various ways, usually involving public locations, all to disgrace Sara; transfigure, which is body modification adding a penis to Sara’s body; then finally a choice for overwhelming carnal pleasure. Personally I enjoyed the humiliation and pleasure paths’ sexual content, due to my lack of interest with futa. Watching Sara getting an enema and squirting it out was very enjoyable. Another scene was taking on a well endowed lizard man and loving it!

Getting held down by the lizard man!

Getting held down by the lizard man!

Overall, I enjoyed Space Pirate Sara more then I initially thought I would. It has a few more elements in its favor then just full out erotic content. The puzzles, Sara’s own story, and the mystery of the twins, Karin & Cecil, added more depth to the fictional world and made scenes that much more enjoyable. So, thanks to Kurisu and the other writers in this department. The voice work was well done throughout, with credits to VA roles going to Sara by Kotone Hirokawa, Sylia by Nana Aikawaa and, Karin & Cecil by Ryu Andou. The futa content plays a strong part in this, so if that is something that you’re into you may really enjoy picking this up. If you have enjoyed the previous two titles MangaGamer released from Lilith, this should be enjoyable. I hope many people who purchase this enjoy the game and continue supporting MangaGamer and Lilith in future collaborations.

This is the final of the three games MangaGamer licensed from Lilith and I’m highly grateful for getting the opportunity to help with this process through beta testing. I hope people add their own thoughts and feedback once they play through this game, and also mention what game they would love MangaGamer to pick up next from Lilith to continue bringing more of these dark themed erotic stories to the western world.

–Murderous Int

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  1. Prison Battleship 1-3, please.

  2. Seconding ReMeDy’s request.

    Also, Sara isn’t exactly a title that seems much to my liking because of the heavy futa (from what I’ve seen), but I’ll get this one when I get the chance because of the straight monster scenes.

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