Tester’s Corner: Secret Sorrow Ed. Vol 4

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Drawn in by Ichikawa Noa’s beautiful art, we decided to test Secret Sorrow of the Siblings on a whim! After testing Lapis Gunner last time, you would think that we would be tired of short nukige by now, but we’re still going strong!!

Fans of NTR beware: Secret Sorrow of the Siblings isn’t really an NTR title. It’s netori (stealing someone else’s girlfriend; also shortened to NTL), so as fans of NTR, we were a bit let down to be honest. We learned that we definitely don’t care for NTL! \(^o^)/ It seems like it’s either one or the other for us at least. w


There are only 3 characters throughout the entire game; our protagonist, Kaito, a “creepy loser who spends all of his time on his computer”, your younger twin brother, Rikuto, the star of the school baseball team, and Arisa, your little sister and ace of the gymnastics club as well as the most beautiful girl in the school. Naturally, you happen to see Arisa giving Rikuto a blowjob one night and take photos to blackmail her into becoming your sexual servant… You can guess the rest from there!

While the art is pretty, the writing, voice work, music, and characters are weak. As much as we wanted to like Arisa, we couldn’t get past her stuck up personality and Kaito was not much better… In the end, we liked Rikuto despite only showing up in a few scenes! As expected of an NTR fan. (;・∀・)


However, fans of leotards will be pleased! Arisa is way too cute in her gymnastics leotard~ It’s a shame that there isn’t even more scenes with her wearing it. (´・ω・`)

Overall, we found Secret Sorrow of the Siblings to be an only decent nukige with lots of incest, blackmail and NTL. You’re getting what you pay for and if you enjoy these themes, it is definitely worth the low price!



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