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Well, now that we’ve finished summing up 2014, it’s time to talk about projections for this year, isn’t it? We have a lot of awesome things bubbling in the works, so read on!


This past year we’ve churned out consistently high quality releases every month, and we don’t plan on hitting the brakes any time soon. We’re starting 2015 off big with our upcoming release of eden* and eden* PLUS MOSAICYet, what really makes this release so special is the minori fundraising campaign. For the first time ever, Western fans have a chance to make the impossible possible and help fund the development of Supipara, an all-ages Visual Novel, for an English-first release! Everyone here at MangaGamer and minori are really excited about this prospect and the potential it holds to change the Visual Novel industry as whole. Some of the hurdles may be high, but we hope every one of our fans will help spread the word and make this campaign a success. The release is drawing very near, so tell everyone you know, and let’s all help make the impossible a reality!


Ready for release after that is another title that’s the first of its kind in many years–No Thank You!!! As our very first foray into BL, we’re very excited to see all the support we’ve received for this game, particularly from our female fans. It’s coming very soon! We promise!


We’ve also got Princess Evangile ready for release soon, but we have an important announcement regarding this one as well–after getting approval from Moonstone, we will be making Princess Evangile All-Ages available on Steam as well! We’re all quite excited to be bringing another full-length Visual Novel to Steam, and we hope everyone will enjoy it too. It’s going to be the longest Visual Novel to ever hit Steam when it launches this Spring! (The adult version will be available for $44.95, and the all-ages version available for $34.95. As usual, buying either version on our website will earn you a Steam Key as well.)


So what else is in store? Well, we’ve been making a lot of steady progress on all of our currently announced titles, and work on Kara no Shojo 2 and euphoria is progressing quickly. With luck, we should be able to have both of these titles out this summer. We also have a fairly steady line of hard copies planned and slated for printing, so keep an eye on our feeds as we send out more information throughout the year.

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As far as upcoming titles go? Well, this year holds potential for quite a few surprises. Our localization team is currently plugging away at all of our announced acquisitions so those will be filling our 2015 release schedule up pretty tight, but there are a few things currently underway behind the scenes. We’ve heard rumors that bamboo might be planning something, and talks with a certain particular company are already underway, and we’re making several approaches of our own at a few new and interesting targets, but it’s too early to say much yet. This summer could bring some exciting news, though! We also plan on adding a few more titles to our catalog from our existing partners, but it wouldn’t be any fun if we spoiled which ones now, would it?

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  1. To all the fine folks at MG, keep up the glorious work 🙂

  2. Princess Evangile huh? I wonder how well a moege will do on Steam (and before anyone mentions it, no, MoeNovel’s sales of My Heart on Wings probably won’t be a good indicator in the slightest).

  3. It’s great to hear that Princess Evangile will also be released on Steam. Apparently it was a very expensive title, so that should help to finance it and bring more quality VN’s to Steam. It was pretty highly rated on Getchu, so I’m really exited about it. If it sells well, I hope the fan disc will also be translated. KnS2 will also be a sure buy for me.
    Would be nice to see hard copies from Cartagra and Really? Really!.

  4. Fantastic work guys! And oh boy, I wasn’t expecting Princess Evangile to be released on Steam. Consider me very pleasantly surprised.

    By the way, I noticed that Gahkthun wasn’t mentioned. Can you provide some information about it?

  5. A quality full-length moege on Steam? I’m curious how it’ll do relative to Sakura Spirit. I’m guessing this’ll at least guarantee that the project will recover localization costs.

  6. Kara no Shojo 2 and euphoria are expected in Summer, any Idea when DC3 will be done, or not in 2015?

  7. It’s looking like 2015 will be another good year for visual novels! And it’s always exciting to hear about potential new partners. Already looking forward to the summer conventions :3

  8. As soon as I get the e-mail that we can buy/pre-order Princess Evangile, you’ve got my money. I had never heard of it until MangaGamer picked it up, but it was the tweets from the testers that convinced me that I needed to play it.

    It is the first game ever where I know I need to play the fan disc even before I play the main game. I hope it sells well enough to bring the fan disc over, too.

    I’m glad it is going on Steam, too. The store page looks great. Thank you for translating the opening!

  9. I’ll probably end up buying everything that was mentioned here except No Thank You!!! I’m not at all interested in BL, so that’s an automatic pass from me. I’m especially looking forward to Princess Evangile and eden* PLUS MOSAIC. I’m curious to see how messed up euphoria is too. I’ll be going into it completely blind, so I’m kinda afraid…

    I’m also really looking forward to some hard copy announcements. I’ve been holding off on getting Really? Really! and Cartagra because of my hope of them getting hard copies. I’d rebuy Imouto Paradise and the other two Lilith titles if those are future hard copy releases too.

  10. Looks like I’ll have to somehow make the time and money for all the hot new stuff. @_@ Those cheerleader shoujos especially get my blood running…

  11. More hard copies is always good news, especially since I rarely buy anything otherwise.

  12. I’m really looking forward to 2015, I’ve already bought eden and I plan to buy Kara no Shoujo 2, Euphoria is an interesting title but I don’t think I’ll be able to read it but if they’ll be released I’d gladly buy BokuTen and Da Capo III

  13. How different is Princess Evangile from Otoboku and Harukoi Otome? the setting sounds pretty similar since all of them are about some random dude that magically transfer to a only girl’s school lol

  14. It would be awesome if Minori could make another visual novel thanks to the support of western fans, considering their long lasting fobia of gaijin.

  15. It seems that 2015 is going to be exciting, especially after hearing Bamboo’s plans.

  16. hope 2015 will be good
    2014 whas not that good for me alot title i didt
    like and end up feling like i wasted my money
    do hope they get som lithe soft title guess love the way things are drawing in ther games

  17. i’m just waiting for a few titles to drop their prices because i am on a budget anddd..i couldnt buy anything with the last sale.mangagamer should do their sales in the first of the month Lol

  18. Thanks for all your hard work! I’m really excited for Gahkthun and Kara no Shoujo 2, and to hear about what other acquisitions you have.

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