eden* and eden* PLUS MOSAIC are now live and available for download! The Steam version will launch in roughly 16 hours (around 4PM PST), so visit our site and get a head-start!

This launch also marks the first big push towards the minori fundraising campaign! We want to see eden* listed as one of the top sellers over the weekend, and it’ll take your help to do it! Help us make this campaign a success by spreading the word when it launches on Steam! You can help out in many ways by tweeting, posting to tumblr or facebook, writing a review, streaming eden* on Twitch, YouTube, or Steam, and sharing the Steam link with all your friends on launch day!






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  1. Finally, it’s here!!! after all this years, i can play this T.T!!!!!!

  2. Yay i cant install it keeps crashing -_-‘

  3. When I try to extract the file (Eden all-ages) it says that is corrupted, I even tried to download it several times but the result was the same, I don’t know if it’s my problem or something else, has anyone run into the same problem?

  4. For whatever reason, my university internet thinks that the first file is a virus, so I can’t download it. The only reason I’m confused is that the other two files (MG125_2 and MG125_3) work, but the first file says it Eden Mosaic Plus.exe… Any reason it isn’t MG125_1?

    • Probably because the first one is an executable while the others are just .rar packages. Not to mention, there’s an installer inside that executable so that’s probably a red flag for virus scanning software. You’re going to need to look for some way to get your virus scan to let it pass.

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