The Menagerie Demo Now Available!

The Menagerie CG preview
With development starting to reach its final stages, we have a brand new demo for The Menagerie from Lupiesoft available for download! Download it now for a glimpse at the story and the hot futa action!

Aishi Mask2



The Menagerie Teaser from Peter Tao on Vimeo.

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  1. just played the demo and i kind of like it but i wish it was voiced or it had moaning sounds for the characters…the monkey character kinda of disturbed me a little and the whole s&m thingy as would be cool if there was a “hidden”character to “play” if you know what i mean?all in all,the game looks professionally done and i will buy it as soon as it gets out.hope there are more scenes than the demo

  2. Nice to see a game exploring S&M elements, but still gives the option to ignore it for other players. This looks like a definite buy for me, great writing, okay art style and awesome themes.

  3. How do I download?

  4. Yes, there’s a block to japanese IPs. The reason for this is that MangaGamer pretty much only releases uncensored products which is illegal in Japan.

    You can try to use a proxy but if you live Japan be careful.

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