Amber Breaker


Today we’d like to announce the addition of Amber Breaker, the third title in the Jewel Star series! Available for pre-order now, this new title will be available on April 16th, 2015! We’d also like to take this chance to share some comments from the voice actress below.

Hello Konnichiwa, I’m Shiho Nakaya who plays the role of Amber Breaker. Nice to meet you.

Of all the roles that I’ve played in the past, this is pretty much my first time participating in a work that focuses on tentacles. Not only tentacles, but there are many lewd scenes… and I got to scream in many ways like “Higii” and “Uguu”. I never worked on something like this before, so it made my wish come true!

Although I can’t say that it features a happy story, I hope you will enjoy this work. There are actually many kinds of tentacles as well. You will be surprised to see what kind of stuff Japanese people come up with, outside of this work. Therefore, if you find interest in tentacles, be sure to look into the subject. It sure is interesting!

That’s it from me. I hope to see you in the game!
Shiho Nakaya
(Amber Breaker)

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  1. Mangagamer staff, give it to me straight here.

    This game is the third game in a series, will I be able to follow the story of this latest installment? Or do I have to replay the first two to be able to understand all the nuances and character interactions?

    • While there is some kind of story connecting the titles, it’s pretty minimal and I’m sure you’ll be fine without the previous games.

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