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Kurahashi Yui is a beautiful, smart girl born to wealthy parents. She’s an honor student to the core, but, suffering from home pressures, she’s actually a deeply unhappy person.

One night, things boil over into a fight with her parents. She runs away, but when she makes up her mind to not return for the night, she finds that the strict lifestyle she’s been living has also denied her any close friends to turn to in her time of need.

Her only tip comes from an offhand mention by one of her classmates: the message board “Free Friends”. Oblivious to its true purpose, she joins it immediately, only wanting a person to talk to for the night to avoid having to go back home.

The protagonist, her teacher at school, is introduced to the same message board at a staff meeting. Initially intending to merely satisfy his idle curiosity about the site’s nature, he soon becomes tempted by the pleasures it offers. He stumbles upon Kurahashi’s post and finds it so unusual, so out of place with its polite tone and formal language, that he answers it and arranges for a meeting. Unfortunately for her, he intends to do more than just talk with her…


Featuring 16 scenes with 24 uncensored CGs by Noesis’ main artist Coffee Kizoku (who’s done work with Innocent Grey and minori before) and five different endings, Free Friends is a tale of corruption and depravity. Your choices will determine exactly how far Kurahashi and the protagonist fall, whether it be through blackmail and coercion or more forceful means. Or will you guide them, against all odds, to a happier conclusion to their sordid tale?


Kurahashi is voiced by Fujimori Yukina, who also voices Konomi in Princess Evangile.

“I’m Kurahashi Yui. Will Sensei call for me again today…? Even though he and I shouldn’t be doing this sort of thing…”

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  1. raincoat superstar

    I asked for the Free Friends games in the forum a couple of years ago and finally the first one is almost here. It’s my kind of nukige: taboo relationship, (relatively) believable plot, dark without being extreme, and beautiful CG. I mean, just look at Yui. LOOK AT HER <3

    Hopefully we can get Love es M some time after Free Friends 2. That game adds incest and super hot consensual S&M into the mix.

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