Tester’s Corner: Forbidden Love Ed. Vol 2


Spirkality here, and welcome to my review of Forbidden Love with My Wife’s Sister!

This a short, sweet little game where you, the protagonist, are quickly seduced by your wife’s younger, much larger breasted sister.

The game didn’t take very long to play at all, so if you’re looking for something quick and sexy, this game is perfect. There is very little set up to the situation. The game very quickly delves into steamy situations with your wife’s little sister, who is a college student helping you move into your new house.

My favorite part of the game was the way you got to choose what was going to happen next in the scene. You get to click on the different body parts that you’re interested in touching (butt, boobs, and crotch), and the game will respond accordingly.

The thing that disappointed me about this game was the lack of a way to somehow have sex with your wife in addition to her sister. Going into the game I was hoping for some borderline-incestuous threesomes, but alas, it was not to be! It would be nice if you could get some direct comparisons between your wife and here sister (especially since your wife is pretty cute too!), but none of the options lead to sleeping with your wife. There are a couple times in the game where the protagonist references the differences between his wife and her sister, but it would have been nice to see for myself.


All in all, this game is fun, sweet, and has some lovely, if a little vanilla, sex scenes with an incredibly well-endowed woman.

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