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We’ve got a lot of stuff coming for Anime Expo, and it’s not just the awesome announcements we have! To help everyone keep track, you can find all the information after the break.

First of all, you’ll be able to find us at Booth #919, close to the Dealer’s Room entrance. We’ll have a wide-selection of our hard-copies available at the booth, as well as all kinds of items brought from Japan in limited quantities! Some of the goods we’ll be bringing include limited copies of the No, Thank You!!! artbook and mousepads!


We’ll also have a selection of the Japanese versions of 07th’s Expansion’s games at our booth for those who need something to autograph!


Speaking of autographs, here’s the Autograph Schedule:


Lines for Session #1 will start forming at 3PM on Saturday, and lines for Session #2 will start forming at 11AM Sunday. As mentioned above though, the autograph sessions WILL be ticketed, so make sure to our visit our booth first to order items and get your ticket for the signing. IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A TICKET YOU WILL NOT GET AN AUTOGRAPH.


Furthermore, for fans of Ryukishi we’ll be hosting his very own panel with Anime Expo on Sunday afternoon. 07th Expansion: The World of Ryukishi07 will run from 1:30PM-2:30PM in Live Programming 3 (Room 408AB).

And last but not least, we’ll be hosting our panel on Saturday night! MangaGamer Panel: The Now and Future of Visual Novels will run from 9:00PM-10:00PM in Live Programming 3 (Room 408 AB). We have a bunch of major announcements to unveil this year, including three brand-new, unexpected partners!

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  1. New partners sound interesting, looking forward to hearing more.

  2. Unexpected partners, my guesses:
    1) Type Moon
    2) age
    3) light or Alice Soft

    My other guesses (meaning I’d be glad to see these too, but they wouldn’t be that big a surprise):
    1) Akatsuki Works
    2) Eushully
    3) Waffle
    4) August
    5) Atelier Kaguya

  3. Maybe I’m a bit too pessimistic, but I don’t really have big expectations for the new partners. I guess it’s the usual:
    One new company for short nukiges like Hentai Industries, one doujin group and one semi-professional VN company nobody has ever heard about, whose titles bombed in Japan and are now trying their luck in the west.

    I’m more hoping for some releases from MG’s older partners. While the return to Liquid wasn’t exactly what I hoped for, I have at least some slight confidence in Innocent Grey’s Flowers and maybe even Caucasus. And another title from Caramel Box like Otoboku 2 might also be a possibility. Little confidence in something from Navel or BaseSon though.

  4. Will the tickets designate the autograph day on them or can a person with a ticket go to either autograph session?

  5. I’m heading to Otakon this July and when I was looking at who would be in the dealer’s room I didn’t see Mangagamer. Will you have a booth there this year or is it a every other year thing?

    • We’re at Otakon every year. We’ll be in the Industry Section of the Dealer’s Room in IND10, very close to Funimation.

  6. I can’t unsee it!!!! WHHHHHYYYYY???

  7. O-Orcsoft partnership, m-more black lilith titles?! *Twitches foaming at the mouth*


  9. New partners:

    1) Alice Soft
    3) Lune Team Bitters


  10. I want a Livestream on Twitch for the panel on saturday >_<

  11. Princess Evangile W Happiness please

  12. Is it possible that you’ll sell the other merch online as well, if there are extras or no? ;A;

  13. ;_; any way for us to get hands on those art books if we couldn’t make it to the con?

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