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Free Friends is now live and available for download! Are you ready to have your way with Yui?





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  1. Every time I start it up, I get an access violation on write to location 00000000 and it crashes, lagging every other application to hell and back until I restart.

    So that’s a thing! I’ll try redownloading it in case it’s somehow corrupted, I guess.

  2. Hi Doddler,

    I have a display problem with Free Friends in Windows 8.1 tablet.

    Every time I start FF, I see black screen and if I press window “Close” button I can see close confirmation dialog centered at the low right corner.

    Setting to disable High DPI didn’t help, so the same was “Run in compatibility as old versions” settings.

    I’ve installed your patch 101, but it didn’t solve problem.

    Today I tried to press Alt-Enter and magic!
    Window has switched to fullscreen and it started to display normally. But… when I stopped game from fullscreen, next time game started in fullscreen mode with the same Black-Black-Screen. I pressed Alt-Enter and magic had repeated – game switched to window mode and started to display normally.

    As you understand, pressing Alt-Enter in Windows 8.1 tablet without keyboard is a very tricky process. Can you find any solution for this bug?

  3. So, I have a problem. Everytime I run the game, it reaches the main menu and simply freezes my whole computer and I have to manually restart it. I have installed the patch and it didn’t fix it. Any idea how I can fix this?

    • Sounds like you might have some hardware or driver problems… might want to contact Manga Gamer’s support email just to be sure.

      • The strange thing is, my computer runs just about any other VN, even Pulltop VNs that you need a fairly high spec computer to run. Bu yeah I will try to do that or wait for another patch that might come out.

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