Tester’s Corner: Forbidden Love Ed. Vol 3


Today we’re proud to introduce our third Tester’s Corner for Forbidden Love With My Wife’s Sister!

This game follows one of porn’s classic conventions: telling you exactly what to expect in the title. The setup is that our protagonist, Mayasuki, has recently gotten married to Mayuka, his girlfriend of several years. Mayuka’s younger sister Sasa has come over to help them move in to their new house, but instead of unpacking boxes, she waits until Mayuka’s back is turned and unpacks Mayasuki’s package. What follows next are lots of sex scenes, talking about the thrill of risking discovery, and the internal monologue about the protagonist’s moral conflicts.


Probably the most unique and interesting part of the game to me was how the ero scenes work. At a few points throughout each scene it stops to let you click on a body part to choose what the next part of the scene will focus on. So you can choose lips and get a kissing scene, breasts to get a groping scene, and so on. A few scenes even let you choose the anus. I thought this was a great way to add some variety and make each play through a little more personal.

Aside from the ero choices, there is also one of the traditional VN “choose one of these text boxes” decision points in the game. Ultimately all of your choices lead to one of two possible endings, though I kind of wanted a little epilogue explaining what happened afterwards. I know the plot is far from being the main focus of a game like this, but there was still just enough there to make me care.


As far as the ero content itself goes I thought the game was a bit of a mixed bag. It’s all quite vanilla compared to a lot of eroge, and there are no unusual kinks to be found here other than the whole reverse NTR idea itself. The artwork is great. I’m a big fan of the style of this and Appetite’s other games. The voice acting was pretty good, though. My only complaint was that I had been hoping for a threesome scene which never happened.

In the end I enjoyed this game somewhat more than I had expected to. If you’re looking for a quick nukige and enjoy the reverse NTR scenario, then the quality artwork and the novelty and variety brought by the touching mechanic make this game well worth your while.

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