Announcements from Otakon

Today we’re proud to announce many new acquisitions and partners via Otakon! For those who couldn’t attend, you can catch up on the latest news here!

Our first announcement for tonight is the successful funding of Supipara Chapter 1! With the minori fundraiser already past $100k, we’re moving onward toward our goal for funding Supipara Chapter 2 and the rest of the series while getting the first chapter of this fun, all-ages story ready for launch on Steam!

Finally back in his hometown after seven years of being passed between relatives, Yukinari Sanada’s hopes for a quiet, peaceful life are shattered when his close friend coaxes him into joining the action committee for their academy’s traditional beauty pageant. Driven by the need to find competitors for the pageant, Yukinari seeks out the quirky heroines that make this title so bright and fun as they overcome the exciting events in store for them!

Chapter 1 of the series focuses on Yukinari’s cousin, Sakura Narumi, a bright and energetic girl aspiring to be an idol. It’s hard to predict what outfits she’ll wear next, or what lines she’ll spring upon Yukinari for practice, but she always keeps him on his toes!


Of course, Alice also keeps him constantly on guard. Why does Alice, a witch with a penchant for contracts, and taste for the happy memories of humans, know more about Yukinari than she should?

Our next new title is Liarsoft’s 30th title, Kindred Spirits on the Roof! The story follows Toomi Yuna, a shy girl who prefers to eat alone on the roof of Kokonotsuboshi Girl’s Academy until she learns the roof is haunted by two ghosts who died before they could fulfill their love for other girls! Though the female ghosts are a happy couple now, they can’t pass on until they figure out… how girls make love to each other. Before she knows it, Yuna finds herself recruited by these “kindred spirits” to help turn the school into a yuritopia full of happy female couples so the ghosts can finally… go out with a bang.

Kindred Spirits spans eight months of the school year, telling the story of over 16 different characters through varying perspectives by choosing the date to view. Countless tales of girl-on-girl romances between all kinds of couples are explored as Yuna and her ghostly comrades play cupid in their quest to have the first and last climax of their afterlives.

We’re also proud to announce two titles from our new partner, propeller! Our first of which is Tokyo Babel!


Tokyo Babel begins its tale on the eve of the apocalypse: parallel worlds crumble in succession as the gates of Heaven are closed shut and Hell is irrevocably submerged in water. In a final, desperate attempt to set things right, the surviving angels and demons flock to the soaring purgatory of Tokyo Babel, intent on climbing Jacob’s Ladder to reopen the gates of Heaven and earn divine forgiveness. In the midst of this world-rending calamity, a young man called Tendou Setsuna travels to Tokyo Babel in order to lend his aid in the quest for Heaven – joining him are the angel Raziel, the demon Lilith, as well as the amnesia-stricken, yet relentlessly optimistic high schooler, Kugutsu Sorami. Theirs is a journey laden with love, hate, passion and betrayal – one that, at its conclusion, may very well alter the fate of the universe as we know it.


Tokyo Babel is a story born from the mind of Yuuichirou Higashide (Ayakashibito), one of the better known figures on the field of darker, action-oriented visual novels alongside talents such as Takashi Masada (Dies irae) and Kinoko Nasu (Fate/stay night). The game offers plenty of heated battles and a narrative deeply rooted in Christian mythology, all in a 50-hour-long beast of an adventure sure to please fans of the chuuni genre.


Our second brand new title from propeller is the all-ages action tale, The Shadows of Pygmalion! In a world much like our own, Hajiro Mina was an ordinary highschool girl. But one day, she awakens to an ability to see the inhuman beings lurking in mankind’s shadows–“Puppets”, powerful entities engaged in a secret war for control of the world. Hurled into this hidden battle, Mina is forced to join an organization specializing in the eradication of Puppets and fight to protect herself and those she cares about. Yet… one question still remains–who is controlling the Puppets? And to what end?


The Shadows of Pygmalion is an exciting tale featuring an all-star voice cast that includes big names like Hanazawa Kana, Ise Mariya, Akesaka Satomi, Kitamura Eri, and many more! Action, intrigue, and real-life collide in this struggle for the fate of mankind as faint buds of romance bloom between the girls on their secret battlefield.

And our final announcement is the highly requested Princess Evangile W Happiness! This fandisc sequel to Princess Evangile contains lots of new content including extra epilogues for the original cast of characters and brand new routes for Ruriko, Marika, Mitsuki, Tamie, and Konomi! The perfect title for all of our moege fans, this new release of Princess Evangile W Happiness will be available both in an all-ages version prepared for Steam, and fully uncut adult version for all of our mature fans!

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  1. I’m happy with Kindred Spirits and the Princess Evangile fandisc. I’ll probably pick up Supipara Chapter 1 too.

    I have to say though that I’m disappointed that Mangagamer’s recent announcements have so much focus on all ages titles. Steam has obviously been good to Mangagamer, but I kind of curse the day that VNs got on Steam from a personal standpoint. I feared that Mangagamer would shift towards all ages titles, and it looks like it’s happening.

    I’m also kinda sad that there’s no word on ImoPara 2 and also no Lilith titles.

    • @SuiDream: I like h-content when the art looks good and it’s the main focus of the game, but it can be distracting in a “story game”. That’s mainly because when seeing the sprites of the heroines in a game with sexual content I often look forward to the h-scenes and get a bit distracted from the scene at hand. In other words, h-scenes turn the heroines into sexual objects which can diminish their roles as three-dimensional characters which whom the reader is supposed to emphasize.

      Having said that, I am surprised (and a bit disappointed) that MangaGamer neither announced ImoPa 2 nor Ero-Manga this year. Since both ImoPa 1 and Eroge! were big hits (as far as I understand), I thought that the aquisition of those two games was the next logical step.

      • @ Zamomin: Meh. I’m a perv. I like my H scenes even in story based visual novels. I’ll still buy all ages releases if I’m interested enough in them, but I am more likely to buy a random 18+ visual novel than an all ages one which is why I’m very disappointed in the recent announcements. I was hoping the AX announcements were an exception with the lack of 18+ releases, but it really feels like this is the start of a trend of focusing way more all ages releases because of Steam.

      • To say a heroine can be either fully realized OR a sex object strikes me as incredibly sexist.

      • @Jyuichi:
        Sorry, I think I didn’t express myself clearly enough. I probably should have said “objects of sexual desire” instead of “sex objects”. And I mean object in the sense of “target of an activity” (e.g. a “surveillance object”) and not in the sense in which, for example, a chair is an object.
        I also said that it “CAN diminish their roles as three-dimensional characters”, so I think to a certain degree you are “strawman-ing” my argument.

        At least for me, if I know that there will be a sex scene with a certain character in it, I look at that character differently as opposed if there wasn’t a sex scene. Maybe one could say that the inclusion of an h-scenes gives me an ulterior motive for my interest in a certain character, which can be distracting from the story the game wants to tell with said character.
        Btw, in my mind this also applies to heroes (and heroes who don’t fall on the bi-gender spectrum), I just said “heroine” because that the kind of VN I normally read.

      • Yeah I wish they would acquire it since Eroge! was such a success. I was so hyped to see that clockup had already released another game that I downloaded the demo and played it. It was pretty good, I just hope MG can get it soon.

    • Kirbyknightmare

      I understand your point and I wish they would announce imopara 2 but I feel mangagamer needs a good balance of both all ages titles and 18+ games. I feel like what they are trying to do right now is balance out the amounts of each.

      Seriously though mangagamer, imopara 2 get on that!

    • To be fair, our overall announcements for the year are fairly evenly split across adult and all-ages titles, and many of them are simply getting both versions released simultaneously like MYTH, Princess Evangile W Happiness, and more. We aren’t neglecting fans of adult content at all, and that’s one reason we picked up Kuroinu for our announcements at AKON.

      We also have euphoria planned and coming soon this fall, not to mention Free Friends 2 and all the nukige we announced at Fanime.

      Kindred Spirits also has quite a few good H-scenes, so we hope you’ll give that a glance when it’s out.

      • No offense Kouryuu, but I disagree. At face value, yes, it looks like you guys have an 8-8 split between 18+ titles and all ages titles. Three of the 18+ titles are short 10-15$ nukiges though which barely count. And one of those short nukiges is a Hentai Industries kusoge.

        I really don’t want to sound too ungrateful since I do really do like you guys. There are titles that I’m really looking forward too like the Princess Evangile fandisc, Kuroinu, euphoria, and Da Capo 3, but, yeah, I really do feel us 18+ fans have been a little neglected this year.

        As a huge yuri fan, I have to buy every yuri title that comes out, so I’m totally buying Kindred Spirits by the way.

  2. Another really good set of announcements!

    I’m thrilled with Princess Evangile W Happiness. I had really started to believe that it wouldn’t be announced this year.

    I’m really happy that Supipara Chapter 1 is coming, too. I figured it would, but I’m still glad that the fundraiser is working.

    Kindred Spirits seems like it has everything going for it that will make it very enjoyable to play. I hope that turns out to be true.

    I’ll probably need to wait for more information about the propeller titles, but they both look interesting, especially The Shadows of Pygmalion.

  3. The descriptions for those Propeller titles sound like Shounen Jump rejects.

  4. Supipara: I think you couldn’t write a more generic plot for a visual novel even if you tried. A high school club setting? Really? This is probably one of the most tired tropes in modern VNs. And the “twist” that they teach magic at the school is also everything but unique.
    At least the heroine of the first chapter sounds interesting, but still, I’m probably going to pass on this one.

    Kindred Spirits: The art style looks quite neat. I think I’ve never heard of a plot in which two ghosts must interact with each other to fulfill their last wish. Normally, there is just one ghost who has unfinished business. I think that’s kind of a fun variation of an old trope.
    It sounds like the game is going to be somewhat of an anthology of short stories focussing on different romances which I also like.
    However, all in all I’m also not too excited about this one. However, I probably would be if it were more “nukige-ish”.

    Tokyo Babel: Oh boy, oh boy! This looks really cool!
    The basic premise reminds me of Dante’s Inferno – which is definitively a good thing! I hope the game is going to deeply explore Christian mythology. Not quite sure if I’m a fan of the chuuni genre, but I guess I will find out once I play this game ^^
    To me, this is MG’s most exciting announcement of the year.

    The Shadows of Pygmalion: Looks rather boring.
    The only intriguing part could be the sinister plan of the puppets. However, the fact that the “puppet” creatures ACTUALLY look like puppets is a bit uninspired in my humble opinion.

    • Kindred Spirits is an 18+ visual novel.

      • An 18+ visual novel and a nukige ain’t the same thing.
        As far as I can tell the sexual content in “Kindred Spirits” isn’t very high.

    • I’m not quite sure how you interpreted that that’s how the story goes. It’s not really a club setting at all, and they don’t teach magic at the school. Alice just happens to be a witch who sneaks into the school for… spoilery reasons, but she’s the only one. The students in the school also don’t know she’s a witch, or that magic exists at all!

      • @dragons55: It seems to me that whether it’s a club or a committee doesn’t really make a difference.
        However, I apparently assumed to much about the magic part of the story. I probably just saw the broomstick in the title image and figured that magic was a open part of the world the game is set in. Thanks for correcting me on that.

  5. I get that it’s good that they’re announcing new things. But at the same time it does my tree in that pretty much all of these are likely to be released before Da Capo III. How many years has it been now?
    As for Evangile, I’m glad, and it’s a fandisk. I’d like to see the other D.C Fandisks get the same treatment (only the Kotori ones made it) and there are lots of others including Dearest Marriage released this year.

    • I’ve been pounding away at Da Capo 3 for a solid year and half now, and hoping to get through it as soon as possible.

      The game is massive, much longer than Princess Evangile or Koihime Musou. There’s over a million words to the scripts, so it’s on par with tomes like LotR and GoT.

      I’m looking forward to finally being able to deliver it when its done, but I still want to make sure its release is the best it can be.

      • Much longer than Koihime Musou? Yikes. Da Capo 3 is my most anticipated game among all the ones MangaGamer has announced. Da Capo 2 is my favorite eroge ever, so I can’t wait to read the next one. But that length sounds daunting. I liked Koihime Musou a lot, but it felt more like a lifestyle choice than a game because of how long it was.

  6. Some very nice announcements here. Will probably wait a bit for possible hard copies for most of them as usual, will definitely get Supipara right away, though, even if it’s only on Steam, due to its episodic nature and to help with the fundraiser. How about a hard copy release of eden* to help there as well?

  7. Wow, I put Yurirei on the survey but never expected we’d actually get it! Really hyped for it now, I like really the name Kindred Spirits too. Also glad to see you did get Evangile W, was worried we’d never see the best girls route. Supipara is infamous enough at this stage I’ll have to play it even if really is terrible.

    On the other hand, not sure what to make of the two Propeller titles. Not a fan of chuuni stuff in general so the Tokyo Babel description sounds dull. If the writing is as good as people say, maybe it’s worth reading. Again, The Shadows of Pygmalion sounds pretty cliche and things I’ve seen before. That said, does seem to have a female protagonist which is still not very common. It’s also tagged Yuri on the announcement page and Shoujo Ai on VNDB… chuuni girls love could be rather fun and interesting.

  8. Glad to see we’re finally getting some Propeller games, Tokyo Babel in particular since it’s giving me some Shin Megami Tensei vibes (except no demon summoning). Also great to see we’re starting Supipara soon and I’m really looking forward to the Princess Evangeline FD.
    I am also interested in Kindred Spirits, though for some reason its premise is making me think of this recent episode from the Cinema Snob:

  9. ahhh I was hoping for Jooubachi no Oubou by Hobibox

  10. To many Yuri titles. You guys need to releàse more romance based VN like princess evangile. I am rather dissipointed from this years line up. There are only two games that interest me and those are the princess evangile fan disc and the first game on the top of the list.

  11. REALLY Not happy with the line up. Only two games i am interested in. The princess evangile fan disc and the first game on the list. Way to many yuri anouncments as well. Cant you guy relase more romance games like princess evangile? Also seems you guys decided not have many 18 + games. Oh well, i guess i should not get my hopes any more. I want to stay your customer but it hard when you dont release more higher quailty games like princess lover, drac riot , Fortune Arterial, brighter than the dawning blue. You guys can do better then this!

  12. How do you guys make your decisions? Do fan vote for what type of genre people like? If so would you direct me to it thanks

  13. Koch89: There’s here for requests for games from companies they’re already partners with:

    And here for requests for new partners (and also games from those partners):

  14. Kindred Spirits looks really cute! I’m not even into yuri, but I definitely want to support more yuri games made for women!

  15. Awesome announcements, more Liarsoft is amazing enough, but I’m looking forward to the propeller games and Princess Evangile fandisc as well.

    Also congrats on the first step in the Supipara fundraiser, my wallet is ready.

  16. Don’t know about supipara,but Tokyo babel sound interesting thought the character design could be better. I’m really happy to see that princess evangelie W Happines will be done, it looks great thought i hope this one get more sprites.

  17. at least Whappiness i will buy it!!

  18. finally another princess of evangile and ill finally be able to get my konomi-chan :3

    anyone knows more or less when its gona be released?

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