Beat Blades Haruka’s Release Date Change


As you are all aware, we have been dealing with issues with our payment processor for the past week and a half. We have made every effort to get processing back up and running in time for Beat Blades Haruka‘s originally scheduled release date, but we will need just a little bit more time to get everything fully operational again.

As you may have seen on our social media outlets, we have found a new payment processor, and are making finishing arrangements with them now. At this time, we have tentatively rescheduled Beat Blades Haruka’s release date for February 29th, 2016. Also, due to these unforeseen issues, we will be extending the discounted pre-order price through the end of its release week!

We would like to thank you all for your patience, and for all the messages of encouragement you have been sending us for the past week. It really does mean a lot to all of us here at MangaGamer.

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  1. For the people who preordered while your payment system was still up, didn’t our payment already go through? If the game is ready isn’t it okay for those of us who did preorder earlier to download first?

    • As much as we’d like to get Haruka out to everyone who preordered it, we simply can’t release a game with no way for other people to buy it.

      • It sucks for the people who pre-ordered this early and have to wait one more week without an incentive. All we get is a sorry but you wait the the rest of the people.

  2. You have to understand how many sales just won’t happen if the game can’t be bought but can be pirated for an entire week. It would be a stupid business decision on their part. Does it kinda suck for people like you and me? Yes, but since the game has no drm, it will be shared immediately and games sell best on release day. This game’s sales are far to important to suffer from that

  3. Not sure what yet, but I will try to nab something once the store is back up and running.

  4. I’ll be buying it whenever it goes up. Hopefully the new payment processor won’t trigger suspicious activity alerts from my bank like the old one did half the time.

  5. Why do you always release on a Monday?
    I want to play then but i have work and i have to wait 5 extra days or stop start. You always do this to me.

  6. What time on the 29th? I want to dl as soon as possible.

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