Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning: Now On Steam!


As some of you may have guessed, our “shocking” news was that Liarsoft’s Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning is coming to Steam! You can pick it up on Steam in about four hours for 15% off! The content of the Steam version of the game is identical to the version available on our website. The only differences between the Steam Edition and the version available on our site are the inclusion of ratings information a few minor cosmetic changes to differentiate versions. The Steam Trading Cards for Gahkthun also feature some new artwork not found in the game!

As a thank you to early adopters of the game, we will be providing you all with complimentary Steam keys! If you picked up Gahkthun at the original $44.95 price, you’ll be getting one! Due to ongoing concerns about fraud, we won’t be able to offer complimentary keys with future purchases of the title.

The story of Gahkthun is an exciting tale of steam-punk fiction, which follows Nikola Tesla in a 19th century world drawing on the Lovecraft mythos. Armed with his electrical inventions and keen intellect, Tesla infiltrates an academy city, The Academia, in pursuit of secret society that is using the students to develop and test fearsome new technological powers. Written by Sakurai Hikaru, author of Fate/Prototype, Gakkougurashi, Game of Laplace, and Fate/Extella, Gahkthun holds countless mysteries to uncover within its action and intrigue.


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  1. It would be weird if the Steam version is the same as the version on your site, considering the website has an adult version, just like with other games like Cho Degeki Stryker, Princess Evangile, etc.

    • It’s more akin to Kindred Spirits on the Roof, which is uncut on Steam. The sex scenes obscure the genitals and don’t go into explicit detail. Basically, they’re R-rated, not X-rated.

  2. Did steam finally take an inclusive stance on adult entertainment or did they consider this title tasteful enough to pass? Also did the successful launch of Kindred Spirits uncensored influence their decision in any way?

  3. Uncensored!? So that’s the next ‘sex game’ on Steam? Almost scandalous, if it continues like that, the moral values of the whole North American continent might be in danger of corruption. 😉

  4. …Not Maggot Balls? Pity.

  5. So, I pre-ordered Gahkthun when it was originally released. Will I be emailed a Steam key, or will it just show up under my Gahkthun purchase to your site?

    • We’re still working on the logistics of getting keys to everyone. We’ll let everyone know when we have it sorted out (sorry for the delay! it shouldn’t be too long).

      • It’s fine, I’m a patient man 😛 Just wanted to say thanks for the key, since I know you guys generally stopped giving them out.

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