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In celebration of the release of Orc Castle this week we have some comments from director, artist and writer Migakeba Hikaru, Hentai Industries’ chairman, Alamar Chinkokusai,  and another comment from voice actress Kinako Yatsuhashi!

Hello Everyone!

I’m the director/artist/original work/scenario writer of Orc Castle, Migakeba Hikaru. Orc Castle has a pretty standard plot, but I had fun drawing girls in different kind of job classes. I really did want to draw females with muscles though. Like an amazones, an amazones, and an amazones… I also wanted to draw an Orc Queen, with a lot of muscles!

My favorite character is the Orc Prince! I liked his cruel and immature personality. You know in Japanese orc eroges now a days, most of the orcs are kind and they are paired up with a self-conscious female knights. I was happy that I was able to revert to the original concept. I give props to the writer team for making him such an interesting character.

Anyhow, “Orc Castle” is a real time simulation, and the more you play, the more strategies you could come up with, so I hope you have fun aiming for a high score!

-Migakeba Hikaru

I am Kinako Yatsuhashi, who played Hilda in Orc Castle.

Nice to meet you, good afternoon, good evening.
Hmm, what time in the world are you currently playing the game?

Yes, I’m so excited to learn that people are enjoying the characters and games of Japan on the other side of the world. Do you understand what I’m saying? I like the “wabisabi” aspect of the Japanese language. I don’t know what I’m saying either.

Hmm… Hmm…
Oh yeah, okay okay.
How did you like Princess Hilda?
I usually don’t play mature ladies as a voice actor, but there’s a lot of adulty women in Orc Castle. What did you like the most about it? I would love to hear about it. Please send them to the developers in English. I would read it after it gets translated to Japanese.

The world is big, isn’t it.
Lewd things have no borders in the world. I hope you are enjoying the game.
It’s Hentai! You are Hentai too!
Anyway, I hope you will continue to enjoy Orc Castle.

This was Kinako Yatsuhashi, the one behind Hilda.
Bye bye!

Hello! Konnichiwa!
I’m Alamar Chinkokusai, the chairman of Hentai Industries.

This time, we decided to release a real time simulation instead of a normal visual novel. Games other than ordinary visual novels are recently popular in the Japanese eroge market as well, but I wonder how people like it overseas.

Internally, I didn’t take part of the localization of the game this time. The only thing I did was mediate between the MangaGamer staff and our staff Mikura Tana, and gathering some comments like these. On top of that, I was also hospitalized for 3 weeks due to a heart problem. The game was already completed when I recovered! If you stay home playing hentai all day, drinking alcohol and eating junk food without any workouts, please be cautious of your health (especially your heart!)

So although I didn’t take part in the localization, it was the first Hentai Industry game that I participated as a writer. Although I was listed in the credits as a director as with before, I am the one usually designing the concept and managing things. And since I was usually the one managing the schedule, I was more like in a support position than a writer. I am also the one overseeing the voice recording and mixing part of the production, I see myself as someone who is making the procedure stress free for the voice actor and further expressing the flavor of the writer’s text.

After receiving the overall plot and concept art from Migakeba Hikaru, Me and Honda Kyoro starting writing the script. I carefully tried to make the Orc Prince very unique. Although he’s cruel, naughty, and intelligent, he was also suppose to be immature according to the character concept, so rather than making him a typical orc who is masculine, I made him a sarcastic character who is skillful with words.

Using the experience from this game, I became the main writer for “Ingoku Oujo,” also directed by Migakeba Hikaru last August. This is a normal visual novel, but the main character is also an orc. It’s a Japanese web page, but Migakeba Hikaru introduces the game in details, so if you like his artwork, please take a look.
If we receive some requests, we would consider localizing this game as well.

I hope you have a pleasant hentai life.
– Alamar Chinkokusai

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  1. Ingoku Oujo looks really interesting and hot, so I myself am plenty interested in seeing it lokalized!
    Also thanks for such insightful comments again!

  2. This game is pretty fantastic. The pseudo-light-puzzle aspects make a nice touch for unlocking extra H-scenes, and the voice acting is excellent too! (Thanks Yatsuhashi-san!) Definitely looking forward to more games from you Alamar!

  3. I hope you guys bring over the other games that borrow and improve upon the mechanics of orc castle. I enjoyed launching heroines through a long string of traps into their demise for and almost instant kill.

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