Higurashi Chapter 4: Himatsubushi Now Available for Pre-order!


The fourth installment of Higurashi Hou, Himatsubushi, is now available for pre-order! It’l be available on both MangaGamer.com and Steam on October 10th! You can also pick up the Question Arc bundle featuring chapters 1-4 today––chapter 4 will become available in the bundle upon release.

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  1. Excited for this. Coming out sooner than I expected. Hope there’s a discount for the earlier titles too in preparation since I’m missing Chapter 3.

    Also, article says release is October 10th, but looks like it’s the 7th on both Steam and the storefront.

  2. Is there any information on other 07th Expansion games? Will, at least, japanese version of Higanbana return to the store and maybe Rose Guns Days could be added (also just jap ver.)?

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