Go! Go! Nippon! 2016 Tester’s Corner Vol. 1

Today’s Tester’s Corner for Go! Go! Nippon! 2016 comes from Nurio!

Hello all! This seems to be the eleventh time I got the honor of working on one of MangaGamer’s titles. So, what title is it this time? Hm…? Go… Go… Japan…? You mean, that title from OVERDRIVE… specifically designed for the western market…? Excuse me for a second…

*relative silence from a madman leaning against the wall can be heard from relatively close*

Wow, am I having a déjà vu! This just all sounds so familiar. Like I’ve been here before in a land long forgotten by time…

Anyway, Go! Go! Nippon! 2016, it is! …But before I go on, does anyone else wonder what happened to the other 2013 versions? I’ve heard of version 1, version 2015, and now version 2016! But where are version 2 to 2014? I’m kind of worried they perished somewhere along the way…

Well, not that it matters. I personally jumped from version 1 completely to version 2016, not having played the 2015 version at all, due to my absence. But now that I’m back, and there’s a new GGN expansion, the MangaGamer bigwigs sat around a table and had a discussion.

“Nurio? Who’s that?  I mean, we need to get him back on the GGN Team!”

I’m sure they all love me very much… Err, maybe it’s about time I start talking about the game itself? While testing this game, I discovered the dirtiest secret MangaGamer has ever hidden before. Despite being a so-called all-ages title, GGN is secretly MangaGamer’s most lewd game yet! Why do I think so?

What do you mean “You’re delusional”? I haven’t been delusional since 2016! I’ll be your tour guide through my experience with Go! Go! Nippon! 2016! And then you’ll see!

On your right, you see the GGN 2016 title screen

See? How blatantly erotic can you get? Right on the title screen you have your T&A. And the characters happen to be called Makoto Takoto and Akira. Takoto bringing the T and Akira bringing the A! Coincidence? I think not! And look at that logo! It’s an airplane flying towards a fully uncensored penis. How graphic! Not convinced yet? Keep on reading, and you’ll find even more!

On your left, you see the name entry screen, and the one true name

Of course, with the return of Takoto and Akira, it’s also the return of Sexy McMuffinFluff. Or more commonly known as Sexy McMuff by friends and family, particularly his mother. She gave him that name, after all.

So, being only familiar with the original version of the game, I was shocked — shocked, I tell you, to see the girls MOVE suddenly. Nearly scared me to death. MangaGamer needs to provide trigger warnings. “Warning: Contains cute moving girls.” Something like that. It only has one downside, though. I am now so focused on the moving girl, that I can hardly focus on the text and I need to make a tough decision between beautiful text or beautiful moving girls. But ultimately that’s a good thing! How blessed must one be to be unable to pick between two wonderful things? So, is… is this gonna be a thing for all VNs nowadays? Because I can get behind that like I can get behind the curtains whenever my uncle comes visit us.

Straight ahead, we have The Two speaking in moonspeak

Speaking of things that are different. I pulled up a familiar screenshot from the first game, and I wanted to use this opportunity to point out what’s new!

Also straight ahead, we have two unidentified people speaking in moonspeak

Okay, aside from widescreen vision and a new interface that more accurately shows who says what (The characters now have name tags with name and appropriate colors. My colorblindness thanks you, MG!), it also shows the current day and location now. Oh, and do you notice that little wallet tab at the top-right? It pops out whenever you click on it or make a purchase, and you can more easily see how much you’ve spent and what you’ve spent it on. …But the biggest, most important change is that they switched from old yellow light bulbs to white LED lighting in the Misaki Residence.

Like, right in front of you, there’s the map of GGN 2016

Of course, the game also has new content. It adds three new locations, plus a route per girl. So, that’s 6 new locations and 2 new routes. These new locations are Ueno, Nakano, Yanaka, Rikugi-en, Tokyo Station (more exciting than it sounds), and Shibamata. Though, there are a few new locations in the girls’ routes, too! How to trigger the new routes is fairly obvious, but you can actually do some variations that will slightly impact a thing or two. Just a neat little thing. Like my p–

Moving on! Uhm… What more is new or different… Hmm, well, I can say what hasn’t changed! It’s my undying love for Momiji Overdrive and Sexy McMuff’s enthusiasm. No, really, you’d think he has seen enough of Japan after 5 years (My First Trip to Japan? Pfeh, it’s already my second time, MG!) but apparently the guy is as enthusiastic as he was before. But then again, I would be just as excited about our goddess Takoto and her sidekick Akira.

342 meters to your right, we have our goddess Takoto planning world domination while touring Tokyo

And here we have Takoto looking Sexy McMuff deeply into his eyes, wondering which eyeball to take as a trophy. She appears enamored by both

Oops, too late. I guess she took both. Sexy McMuff screams in agony from his missing eyes and accidentally going on a date with the sidekick

I have no idea what I’m doing.

So, what better time than now to show you what I promised? The following graphics screenshots serve as irrefutable proof that GGN 2016 is MangaGamer’s lewdest game yet! If you’re a small child, I suggest either to magically grow up or to avert your innocent eyes.

Exhibit A: Akira ponders her life choices as she prostitutes Sexy McMuff off for 3 yen

Exhibit B: Mere moments later, Sexy McMuff found out the virginal blood wasn’t hers nor his

Exhibit C: So graphic that the CG artist threw himself out of the window

Japan sure is a scary place. And these are only 3 examples. There are dozens of scary things in there. Dozens! …But for real. GGN R18+ next, MangaGamer? Please?

Anyway, sucks to be him for getting sold off, framed for murder and finding a questionable fetish. Luckily, I could learn all of Takoto’s divine lessons on Japan, without risking the sexual dangers. I guess that’s exactly what this VN is for. To have the Japan experience without the need to actually go to Japan. For example, I learned that Japan has toilets that pee by themselves, or how rude it is to keep your shoes on indoors, or how utterly excruciating it is to have your eyeballs stolen, or several quaint Japanese phrases.

She told me this means “I am very intelligent.” I’m sure that’s true

I’ll be sure to use this phrase next time I’m with a Japanese girl, so that I appear very smart! Takoto says it will definitely work!

Me working my flirting magic

Sadly, she was Italian, not Japanese. I guess the beard should’ve been a giveaway, but I swear all these Asians look alike. Anyway, I bet if she were Japanese, I totally would’ve pocketed her! D-Definitely!

…Dating isn’t as easy as VNs make it look, guys. ;.;

Anyway… Nurio, out!

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  1. But… But I liked the yellow light bulbs!

  2. Is it just me or lately the newer games don’t have any drm at all? If this is the new policy adopted by MangaGamer, good for them.

    • Yes, they made a lot of progress convincing their partners to let them sell most games DRM free. They even went back and removed the DRM from a lot of older titles. The last time they talked about it, only a small handful of their titles still had DRM on them.

    • I think only Minori titles have DRM at this point. Though there might be a few others.

  3. One of these years I wish you didn’t do anything new to Go-Go Nippon but just added voices. It would add so much more than just more story can ever do.

    • I want voices, too! I have always thought that the Steam Train videos were better than the original game because of the voices. Real voices for the characters would be even better.

  4. When I first saw this post, I was just scrolling through it to see some screenshots from the game. Then I saw that crude drawing at the bottom and realised in that moment that the post was written by Nurio. So, logically, I’ve read it from beginning to end 😉

    • Cr-Crude drawing? I’ll have you know this is Nouveau-Cuisine (which my French friend tells me means “Super awesome”) art here in The Netherlands! My onee-chan worked for 8 hours on it to get that expression of desperation and symbolism of the futility of mankind just right.

      But in all seriousness, I’m glad you liked it so much, and that I’ve gained a bit of a reputation here =P

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