Go! Go! Nippon! 2016 Tester’s Corner Vol. 2

Today’s Tester’s Corner for Go! Go! Nippon 2016 is brought to you by Nake!

Go! Go! Nippon 2016, was a blind run for me, without prior experience of the 2015 title. The layout after the initial day was very different from other types of visual novels I have had the honor of playing. The CG and the animation, which I was totally not expecting, literally blew me away.

I highly recommend this title. From the amazing mass of places you can visit, to the high replay value it offers. There are two routes you can go through, one with a “moe” personality, and the other being meaner, but cuter of the two. There are plenty of choices you can make throughout your week-long adventure. There is also a language toggle, and you can set it so the Japanese is on top, so it makes for a great learning opportunity. The wallet function is also very nice, since you can see the total amount of money that you spent. If you are ever planning a trip to Japan, or simply want to learn more Japanese, then this is a great game to help you along the way.

Thanks, see you next time!

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  1. But still no furigana or voice acting. At minimum there should be a third optional dialog option (kanji/romaji/English) or a hotkey switching between kanji and romaji for learning purposes. This shouldn’t be difficult to implement, but could be a great benefit for Japanese learners. And if voice acting ever comes, then a button to repeat the sentence of course.

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