Miniature Garden Now available for pre-order!

Fruitbat Factory’s Miniature Garden is now available for pre-order! You can grab your copy right now for 25% off! On sale March, 2017!

In the woods not far from the city lies a school called the ‘Miniature Garden.’ In keeping with the school’s name, an original ‘Miniature Festival’ is held there every three years. There’s a rumor that an unnatural death will befall someone on the night of the festival. This year, as the sun sets, Yasunari and four other students find themselves trapped alone in the school on the night of the festival. Is it just a mistake, or could the rumors be true?

Art: Korie Riko (Lump of Sugar)
Opening Theme: “Miniature Garden” performed by Kanade Nakoto (Lump of Sugar)
Specification: All-Ages

– Mystery story with multiple endings- 100+ CGs and 300 character sprites
– Fully voiced by leading Japanese voice actors
– Displayed in HD widescreen resolution

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