The Third-Annual Licensing Survey is Open!


Today, we’re launching our third-annual licensing survey! We want to know what games you want to see brought over, so let your voice be heard and enter for a chance to win one of three copies of our upcoming title, Da Capo III R (X-rated or Steam version, it’s up to you)! The survey will be open through January 27th!

Join us in the conversation on Twitter with the hashtag “#MGSurvey”! We’d love to hear your input along the way.

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  1. Hope this year Clochette will finally join you. I need dat Kamikaze ☆ Explorer! in my life~

  2. If you want them to license the upcoming Re:ZERO -Death or Kiss- visual novel that comes out in Japan in March, make sure you include it in the three you want them to license at the end of the survey!!! The three visual novels that I want them to license the most are:

    1) Re:ZERO -Death or Kiss-

    2) Amakano

    3) Amagami SS

    I would also like to see them license the Maji de Watashi ni Koishinasai (aka MajiKoi) series, the Fate series, and the Lovely x Cation series, but we could only recommend three, so if you want any of them too, make sure you include them in your votes!

    • I had a hell of a time picking 3 games, but since I pre-ordered the PS Vita limited edition of Re:ZERO I didn’t include it, but I would still very much like to see it get an english release.
      #TeamElsa …no? fine 🙁

      Instead I voted for these three:

      1. Walkure Romanze ~Shoujo Kishi Monogatari~

      2. Monobeno

      3. Natsu no Iro no Nostalgia (because I need my Moonstone fix)

      Lovely X Cation and Sanoba Witch would have been my 4 and 5…

    • Aww, I want Amakano too! Yes! Yeees!

  3. If you want more gal monsters and first person dungeon crawling, ask for Galzoo Island (in-battle system is different from Rance VI though).

    If you want a good HRPG that has the artist of Senran Kagura as the main artist, vote for Evenicle.

    If you want a gameplay eroge with /m/ elements, vote for Blade Briders.

    And if you want to bet on a miracle and want a gameplay eroge that laughs at political correctness and involves both extremely brutal rape and saving Japan from the foreign forces of feminism, vote for Daiakuji. This game is unlikely, so don’t vote if you don’t want to risk placing a vote that doesn’t matter, but I have hopes and dreams damn it.

    • Thanks, I didn’t remember what the name of the one with the Senran Kagura artist was. Added it in!

      • I didn’t vote for that one, since it seemed likely either way (if not this year then in a few), but I’ve heard great things about it.

    • If you are a NTR fan or looking for great artwork, I think Oyako Rankan worths a try. Just stumbled upon it on this site (click on my name) and would definitely add it to the list.

      • I suspect that Please bang my wife was a test, and now Mangagamer is translating Oyako Rankan. But its just a hunch

        • I wish, but it’s not like Oyako Rankan is the only NTR title they have now.

          Speaking of which, that title wasn’t on the top 10, so there’s a chance that it didn’t sell enough to warrant a big NTR game.

      • I would personally like that game a lot too.

        If we get 2 or less Alicesoft games this year, I’ll make a more comprehensive list.

  4. I voted sengoku rance and daiteikoku 😛

    • Why Sengoku? That one’s already been translated, and buyers will thus be fewer. Considering sales are a must to boost the momentum of the Rance series, it would make way more sense to vote for ‘untouched’ games, like Quest or IX.

      • Fan translated, and censored. Besides, Alicesoft deserves to get money for such great game. I already deleted my copy of sengoku rance and waiting for official release

        • Though I agree, I’d rather have Mangagamer leave Sengoku for last, taking into consideration overall sales momentum. That’s probably impossible though, since the games do have an order.

          • Leaving the seventh entry, and the best game for last doesn’t make a whole lot of sense though? The translator’s like the lore, so I fully expect them to do Sengoku if only to make it consistent and up the resolution to make people want it. No way they’ll do 01 , 03 and Quest before Sengoku.
            As long as Sengoku isn’t the only Alicesoft game announced the year it is then I’ll be fine.

          • Best? No way. Sengoku doesn’t have Reset, so there’s so way it can be best. Reset FTW!

            ‘Tis a pity, but I guess you guys have a point.

  5. Rance Quest Magnum
    (Excellent RPG game with many of the characters from other rance games in it, it carries the story right after sengoku rance;a game so well known in the eroge communities).
    Rance 3 remake
    (First rance game with voice actors!!, I love kanami and shizuka’s voice, beside you played Zeth and JAPAN’ story. make sense to play Leazas’ story as well).
    Rance 9
    (Last large kingdom other than JAPAN, Leazas and Zeth left in the rance world, and you already familiar with their prince Patton in Rance 6, why not join him in his revolution to take back the crown)

    I voted for mainly on the rest of the Rance series that came out recently. It has such a large and complex world building and it would be sad for people who played sengoku and rance 6 to not learn more about it.

    • I think that Quest+Magnum has a better battle system (and a less interesting dungeon crawling system because it’s third person, not first person) then Rance VI, with it’s main problem being that it’s overly grindy. I could see someone liking RQM’s gameplay more than VI though if they are used to level grinding. The character development and plot is still less good, but the sheer existence of Reset pretty much makes up for that.

      I’ve pretty much heard that 03 was the perfect remake, and I enjoyed the shit out of III. It’ll probably come after 01 though.

      Rance IX’s gameplay is too overly simple for it’s own good, but I’ve heard great things about the plot and character development. Also, the PS1 level 3D evokes a strange sense of nostalgia.

  6. Lots of people seems to vote for MajiKoi but I would rather see its “sister version” Tsujidou-san no Jun’ai Road as MajiKoi already have a perfectly fine english translation.

  7. Here’s hoping for more otome titles to be licensed and translated for the west! I really enjoyed “OZMAFIA!!” and I’m very excited for “Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome”, especially since it’s R18; I’ve been an otome fan for a long time, so getting more otome titles I can play in my language would be a blessing that I’ll happily spend lots of money on.

    • Yes, same here! More otome games would be great. I got OZMAFIA!! on Steam near the release and couldn’t stop playing it. I got hooked on the beautiful art and voice acting. It’s probably my favorite otome so far, and I’d love to see more translated in the future.

  8. nicoequallovelive

    i hope we get Aiyoku no eustia this year :’ )

  9. Anything from Alicesoft, especially Oyako Rankan, Daiteikoku, or anything from MIN-NARAKEN.

  10. I hope they will release more Lilith games. If the previous games failed to meet sales expectation then I think it was caused by the fact that those were quite old games. I would love to see some newer games with beautiful art like:
    Boku no Elf Onee-san
    Cara the Bloodlord

  11. Rance Quest Magnum please.

  12. I would like to see rewrite but key is not going to let you have it my guess but re:zero would be great as well as amagami SS

  13. 1) Sengoku Rance/Rance Quest/Rance IX/Rance 01/Rance 02/Rance 03/Rance 04
    2) Evenicle
    3) Utawarerumono: Itsuwari no Kamen/Utawarerumono: Futari no Hakuoro

    More VNs with gameplay pls.

  14. Well we need Kyonyuu Fantasy Gaiden translated since you guys did such a nice job on Kyonyuu fantasy so we defiantly need the sequel translated.

  15. Any games with rpg elements. How most VN’s are considered games is kinda ridiculous.

  16. Lune and BISHOP games are eagerly awaiting to get licensed and translated. They just need to be called upon.

  17. Shin Koihime Musou end of story

  18. DANG I totally missed the survey and now it’s closed. I should’ve suscribed to the blog orz

    Please do consider licensing Room no.9 by parade, the same guys that did No Thank You!!!

  19. Any rance game and I will buy it instantly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. pls translate Daiteikoku !!!

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