Funbag Fantasy Hardcopy Now Available for Pre-order!

Funbag Fantasy is coming to hardcopy May 19th and you can pre-order it right now! 

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  1. Well, you certainly know how to get my money.

  2. You’ve had my cash since you licensed the first in this wonderful series

  3. Lord praise the almighty hardcopies
    Let the tubes harden and flow with no hindrance
    Let your fragrance guide us all
    Praise the almighty hardcopies
    Let the powers seep like rivers through the back of the ring
    Gaze in the sun and moon colliding, with the slip of snow covered rooftops we see
    Praise the almighty hardcopies
    Our feelings touch the tip
    Praise the almighty hardcopies
    Let their walking path be your soul
    Crouch down and gaze at the lord
    Never spill beans for it was hard work put into
    Praise the almighty hardcopies

  4. hope they localize part 2, instant buy

  5. I really really hope they translate the rest of this series! Haven’t enjoyed an h-game like this for such a long time.

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