Princess Evangile W Happiness – On Sale Now!

The wait is finally over! Princess Evangile W Happiness is now available from and will be available on Steam later today!

It’s a new Princess Evangile, with nine new love stories!

This time around, you can finally date all nine heroines: the original four heroines in their “epilogues,” and the five sub-heroines in their “another story” routes!
For those of you who haven’t played the main story or want to refresh your memory, the first 13 chapters of the Princess Evangile common route is also included for your viewing pleasure!

Customers who wish to purchase Princess Evangile W Happiness on Steam will have the option to download the free adult content patch from You must have an account in order to download the adult content patch. Installation instructions can be found inside the patch file ( directory. If you have any trouble downloading, installing, or adding the adult content patch, please contact!

Note: We made a bit of a pricing error on Steam! We only thought it fair to drop the price on our store to match, but to compensate those who purchased the game at the original higher price point we will be distributing complimentary Steam keys to anyone who bought the game prior to the pricing drop. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we process keys for affected persons. If you would prefer MG points instead of a Steam key, please email support with your order number and they can get that processed for you.


  • Developer: MOONSTONE
  • Specs: No mosaics
  • Category: Comedy, romance, school, slice of life
  • Platform: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10


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  1. So so so excited! Been anxiously awaiting ever since it was announced!

  2. To bad I can’t download it. I think they are getting to many people trying to download it. But what do I know.

  3. Why the change in policy about adult patches for your games on Steam? We have always paid more for the 18+ version of the game before this release. Are there plans of releasing patches for the previous MangaGamer releases on Steam also?

  4. Diff topic for change of pace.. Sometime ago in a galaxy far far away.. U announced cooperation with Light and realease of Diea Irae. Any news about realising that one on ur site? 😀

  5. I was waiting for this one ! Just too bad that it isn’t sold in physical version:/

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