Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome Now Available for Pre-order!

Our very first 18+ otome game, Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome, is now available for pre-order! Pre-order to snag it for 20% off or wait and pick it up on Steam when it releases on September 8th! 

Like our other recent 18+ releases with all ages Steam versions, we will be providing a free patch for the Steam version of Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome to allow users to access the adult content if they so desire. Unique to this particular game in the version or the Steam version with the patch applied is a toggle for 18+ scenes––you can turn them on or off as you like!

If you can’t wait until September, you can check out the demo right now! Please note that the demo covers the very beginning of the game and consequently features no adult scenes.


Ema Tachibana is a tall, gloomy and unsociable girl with a bad case of resting bitch-face. With all that working against her, she’s never really had any friends. At school, everyone’s too scared to approach her.

But Ema herself is quite content with that state of affairs. In fact, she was all set to spend the rest of her time until graduation invisible as ever…

That is, until two men turned her life upside down!

“It’s you… I’ve finally found you! You are, without a doubt, MY MUSE!”

Miki Hiraizumi—recently returned to Japan from abroad, he’s loved making clothes ever since he was a little kid. He has a strong desire to help make charming, unusual women shine. (He’s also a bit of a masochist.)

“Listen up, twerp! You’re no good the way you are now. But even you have some potential to shine… I’ll just have to polish you up!”

And Saito Shinjou—he frequently finds himself bored because things have always come easy to him. He aspires to accomplish something so big, it’ll change the world. (He’s also a bit of a sadist.)

These two ambitious and attractive fellows decide to give Ema Tachibana a makeover!

But Ema has other ideas.

“Yeah, well… Who asked you?!”


  • Two eligible (?) bachelors to choose from (or choose both perhaps…?)
  • English text and menus (wow!)
  • Japanese voices (even Ema!)
  • You can rename the protagonist!
  • No mosaics! (…on the naughty bits in the adult version)
  • 18+ content toggle (in the adult version)
  • Free 18+ content patch for Steam!
  • Achievements (Steam version only)
  • DRM free!
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  1. I have been waiting for this game for what feels like over a year now, ever since it was announced. I’m so excited to pre-order a copy! Thank you so much, mangagamer, from bringing this kind of content to the states and expanding the view of what’s considered viable in the English market <3 You guys seriously know how to pick the best projects

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  3. Will their be a hard copy of this game?

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