Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome: Tester’s Corner

Heyo, this is Mashiro again, with another Tester Corner, this time for Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome!
I can’t say enough how happy I am to test this game, seriously, I am a big lover of otome games and having the opportunity to test an otome game with 18+ content, I would be dumb to miss it.

The story of Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome is very simple. Tachibana Ema is a very tall, with slanted eyes girl, which ends up scaring most of her classmates, so she tries her best to be invisible and survive high school without any major problems. Sadly, for her (and happily for us) this all changes when Hiraizumi Miki and Shinjou Saito appears in her life and decide that they are going to produce her and transform her into a model.

While the story isn’t anything incredible, what makes this game stand out is how funny it is, I lost the count of how many times I laughed while testing it. Ema socially inaptitude ends up in various comedy gold scenarios, and her voice actress makes an excellent job at portraying her as a weird girl that search banned lyrics for fun.

Of course, Saito and Miki have their own charm too and the two of them together have amazing moments, it’s almost like watching a performance of Manzai, with Saito being the tsukkomi and Miki the boke, which works really well.

Besides the funny interaction between characters, the game features a good number of bad endings that are hilarious.

The art of the game is very beautiful, even though sometimes the character expressions would look a bit off, with some weird anatomy too. In the other hand, the chibi art is perfect in every way possible.

The porn scenes were good, while some were definitely… interesting. I’m very happy with the fact that it isn’t only Ema speaking, and I got to hear Saito and Miki as well during those scenes, that fact alone made all of the scenes 100% more enjoyable to me, plus paired with good sound effects and nice art, I couldn’t ask for more.

I believe that Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome is an incredible game, and I doubt only woman would enjoy it, seeing how cute and funny Ema can be in addition to Miki and Saito that are hilarious in their own way too, even those who aren’t the biggest fans of otome can enjoy this game, so it’s worth a shot!

You can pick up Fashioning Little Miss Lonesome right now on or Steam!

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