Introducing Sorcery Jokers

Our first release from one of our newest partners, 3rdEye, Sorcery Jokers features an interesting blend of fantasy and reality, where magic is rooted into the structure of its world’s society.  

While it doesn’t particularly expand on the logic of how its magic works, as in other similar titles, Sorcery Jokers instead combines it with more familiar, everyday elements- such as criminals who uses magic for their own dark purposes, special police officers that fight to stop these magical crimes, and schools that try to teach the correct way of using magic. This, along with the character-swapping system, allows the game to give the player differing perspectives from a diverse collection of characters.

From the beginning, the position of main character in Sorcery Jokers is shared between Haruto, a typical student who strongly believes in justice, and Senri, a badass and mysterious jack-of-all trades sort of personality. Depending on preference, opinions might diverge as to which is the real main character of the story.

And while there are many exciting battles full of passion and surprises in Sorcery Jokers, to many the game’s real draw is the interactions between the cast members, which of course is the real draw of visual novels as a whole – there just isn’t any other entertainment genre which excels so well at depicting just that.

What will happen to Haruto’s friends and family? What is Asahi’s secret? What conspiracy is Riku’s company engaged in? What happened to Fiona long ago? Where did Senri come from? And where does Noah stand in all this?  Everything will come together in Sorcery Jokers.

Sorcery Jokers will be available on January 12th! Pre-order now on to save 10% or wait and pick it up on Steam upon release!

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