A Kiss For the Petals: Maidens of Michael Countdown – 10 Days Left!

We’re now ten days away from the official English release of A Kiss For the Petals: Maidens of Michael!

As a special treat, we’ll be counting down each day and showcasing each couple with their very own brief voice dramas!

Takako: Hey, Runa, this Best Couples event seems to have an awfully large budget, doesn’t it?

Runa: Yeah, Nee-sama is funding it out of her own pocket.

Takako: That’s unbelievable. Rena-senpai must be rich.

Runa: It seems like she made a killing at this last Summer Comiket.

Takako: F-From selling doujins?

Runa: Yep.

“A Kiss For The Petals – Maidens of Michael” goes on sale in ten more days.

A Kiss For the Petals: Maidens of Michael is now available for pre-order! On sale February 22nd on MangaGamer.com and Steam!

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