Evenicle: It’s a Game About Waifus

Today, we have a special blog post about the waifus from Evenicle!

Evenicle is an actual JRPG with gameplay and a story, sure, but let’s discuss what everyone really wants to hear about: Waifus. A hotly sought-after commodity in the Animegameverse, your run-of-the-mill Japanese nerd media product will offer a handful of waifus to choose from. However, they have a couple fatal flaws.

A. No marriage. Some “waifus” they are, am I right?
B. If you can marry a waifu, it’s usually only one at the very end.

But the progressive thinkers at Alicesoft wouldn’t let themselves be shackled by our monogamous society. Our protagonist Aster’s objective is to marry as many waifus as possible, and over the course of Evenicle, he marries a whopping ten, yes, TEN waifus. To clarify, there are more than ten girls in the game, but Aster will marry ten specific waifus.

I’m not going to go over all the waifus here, as it’s more fun to play and find out who they’ll be for yourself, but here’s a look at the four core waifus.

Of course, Aster is a family man and has a mutual loving relationship with all his waifus. The setting is in many ways like Rance’s, but the main character is morally almost the opposite of Rance.

Lastly, if you don’t already know and can’t tell from the character designs, and it bears repeating because I see people ask about this whenever Evenicle art is posted, the artist is Nan Yaegashi of Senran Kagura fame. You have some Senran-sized titties in characters like Ramius, but you can see Evenicle has a bit more variety in that area.

That’s it, discuss which waifu you expect to be best waifu in the comments below.

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  1. I know that items are a thing, but I always feel awkward going into an RPG without a dedicated healer. 0/10 Riche worst waifu.

  2. Gotta **** them all! Always glad to see another title from Alicesoft, can’t wait to get this one. 😉

  3. tfw no loli waifu

  4. Thank you for this article. « So dumb she can barely count » : it is really a flaw ? Ramius and Kathryn for the win !

  5. “So dumb she can barely count” That’s how I like’em.

  6. I expect Ramius to be the best because white hair.

  7. “poverty loli” lmao. At least they included my strike zone.

  8. Riche’s flaws are a plus in my book. Best girl so far.

  9. 10/10 descriptions made me lol. Looking forward to the game for sure

  10. Red Eyes, White hair – cool ass design aesthetic. What can I say?

  11. Ramius best girl by far.

  12. Ramius is love, Ramius is life.
    Sexy, lewd too, jst a dream

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