Hapymaher Character Introduction – Maia

The one who shouldn’t exist. The one who was no longer here.

Being the one responsible for Tohru’s condition, Maia is a cornerstone in Tohru’s past that will forever haunt his existence. Now that she’s back, can Tohru resist her offer of salvation? Is this Maia just a figment of his tired, overworked imagination, or a voice reaching out for him through the dream?

Having been the person closest to Maia in the waking world, her sudden reappearance in Tohru’s dreams is the catalyst that brings about everything that happens in Hapymaher. Unlike the lucid dreams Tohru usually has, his dreams of Maia are dreams he is completely helpless to change or manipulate, making him wonder if perhaps this Maia might be real thing.

From taunts and teases to casual chats like long estranged lovers, Maia’s goals are unclear. While she only offers herself when tempting Tohru, one by one, Tohru’s friends get drafted into the dream with him. One by one, Maia prepares a stage for them to indulge and enjoy. Perhaps, if she can’t seduce Tohru into staying in the dream, then maybe she can get one of his friends to do it for her.

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  1. Maia’s a really interesting character – mysterious and mischievous. Besides Yayoi probably my favorite character so far.

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