Sisterly Bliss Translator’s Corner, Vol. 1

Today, we have a translator’s corner for Sisterly Bliss from Dergonu!

Hi, Dergonu here, the translator for Sisterly Bliss. Today I’d like to introduce the choice system of the game and talk a little about the story in general.

This is a yuri title focused on the complicated relationship between two twin sisters— Ichika and Futaba. They have always been dependent on each other, but their feelings for one another might be crossing a line that’s more than just sisterly love. Their mother doesn’t think their current relationship is healthy for sisters their age and tells them to spend some time apart.

What will happen between the twins next?

Sisterly Bliss has a little bit of everything to offer, featuring romance, drama, humor and other… interesting stuff. This is definitely the type of game where you want to play all the endings.

While it does have some standard yuri tropes, it also has sides to it that you generally won’t find in normal yuri games. Therefore, I think that even if you aren’t a big fan of standard yuri stories, you might still find this game interesting. It’s one of the more unique yuri titles I have played, and it was a complete blast to work on. (Of course, if you simply came here looking for cute yuri lovin’ you won’t be disappointed!)

In addition to an emotionally engaging story, beautiful art and a great cast, Sisterly Bliss also has a very fun and unique choice system, which makes each choice feel important and relevant. This choice system was actually the main thing that caught my interest when I first found out about the game. It’s simple, yet fun and unique. I think it shows that you don’t need to make choice systems overly complicated to make it enjoyable.

Normally, each choice you make in a visual novel will change some kind of hidden stat in the game. The thing about Sisterly Bliss though is that that hidden stat isn’t hidden at all. It’s a key feature of the game!

Every choice you make has an effect on the emotions of the girls, changing the feelings they have for one another. The emotion bar will be what decides which route you enter, and also results in certain extra scenes and dialogue changes here and there. Overall, each choice feels important, as you play a core part in the way the twins’ relationship progresses. There are several endings, and some are harder to find than others, so watch that bar closely!

Sisterly Bliss is one of the most enjoyable yuri stories I have read, and I’m so glad I was able to work on the translation for it! I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Part two of Dergonu’s translator’s corner will unlock next week, so keep your eyes peeled!

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  1. Could someone tell me what ratio is needed for the Futaba good ending?

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