Sweet Switch Tester’s Corner #2

Today on the blog, we have a tester’s corner from Mashiro!

So, another Ammolite game and another test corner from me, Mashiro.

After playing Sweet Young Bride, Ammolite now has a special place in my heart. Their games can be short, not very elaborate, and with simple stories, but they have a special charm to them. Oh, and they have my favorite style of h-scenes.

Sweet Switch offers the player two girls to interact with. Firstly, we have Sarah, the student council president. Like most student council characters, she is elegant, beautiful and too good for our protagonist. Then, we have Fumino, the student council secretary. She’s quiet, shy, and easily panics, but that only makes her even more adorable. I think it’s easy to guess who my favorite was.

The story, like I said before, is pretty simple. Ryuuichi Takato, our protagonist, has a pretty intense glare and many are too afraid to approach him. Because of that, he’s sort of a loner and is thought to be a delinquent.

Only later does he discover that his gaze makes a bit of an impact on BOTH the student council president and secretary. While one gets turned on and loses control, the other panics to a point where her personality changes completely. To help them get rid of their unique quirks, Ryuuichi puts them on a “Special Training” regime, which, of course, involves a lot of sex.

This game contains three routes, one with each girl and a threesome ending. I liked most of the h-scenes, but I felt that the 3P ending was the weakest one. Not to say it was bad, but it pales in comparison to the individual routes.

As always, the h-scenes have beautifully drawn CGs, with sound effects and moaning tracks to pair with the artwork, and Ammolite does this very well.

I guess the only downside to Sweet Switch is the reuse of assets, with some music tracks being similar to the ones in Sweet Young Bride. It wasn’t something that impacted heavily on my enjoyment of the game, but there was some times that I couldn’t help but notice.

It was one of the most enjoyable beta tests I’ve ever done. I was very happy to work with Ryechu, especially since we worked on Sweet Young Bride together before, so it was like working with a friend once again.

I hope I can have the opportunity to test another Ammolite game again! To summarize, while they may not have a lot of depth to them and are focused almost exclusively on sex, they are still enjoyable from time to time and I find them to be quite relaxing. Well, the main point of playing a game – even if this game is a visual novel with not so much gameplay – is to have fun, and I can honestly say I had a ton of fun with Sweet Switch and I hope everyone that decides to play it have as well!

Sweet Switch is now available for purchase exclusively on MangaGamer.com!

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