Roundscape: Adorevia –– On Sale Now!

Roundscape: Adorevia from Arvus Games is now available on!

Roundscape: Adorevia is a erotic fantasy game brought to you by Arvus Games. The world of Adorevia is one fraught with danger, but also adventure for those brave enough to seek it. Select a gender, choose your origin, and recruit eleven different companions as you explore the massive world of Adorevia.


Destiny calls. An ancient evil threatens Adorevia and only you can stop it. Visit many exotic and diverse locations as you recruit allies and prepare to face the ultimate evil. Five different Origins allow you to customize your story as you are confronted with hard decisions and choices throughout the story in this classic fantasy RPG.

In Emek’s Rest you’re exploring a new area, inhabited by sexy but dangerous minotaurs. Two tribes are fighting for power and you have to settle that conflict one way or the other.In Vesper’s Booty you’ll obtain your own ship and have to hunt down an evil pirate queen. Sea Battles and Tentacles included!


  • Developer: Arvus Games
  • Operating System: Windows
  • Language: English text
  • Voice: None
  • Content: Adult, No Mosaics


  • Includes both add-ons: Emek’s Rest & Vesper’s Booty!
  • In Emek’s Rest, you’ll explore a new area that’s inhabited by sexy but dangerous Minotaur.
  • In Vesper’s Booty, you’ll need to hunt down the evil pirate queen! Sea battles and tentacles included
  • Option to choose your gender, as well as modify your appearance, class, and unique character history.
  • Collect a diverse range of companions
  • Engage in deep and expansive dialogue, underpinned by a system of morality and choice
  • Gameplay reminiscent of traditional RPG experiences.
  • Diverse locations, like rainforests to open desert plains.
  • Players will unlock a castle, which will serve as an upgrade-able hub.


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  1. You know, I am amazed at how many games that were Patreon exclusive are starting to circulate to more publicly accessible platforms, which I mean by ones that don’t require me to pledge money at a certain tier to get the work in question and need to keep pledged in case of updates. Anyway, I am a little excited to see this available for purchase.

  2. Game has already been updated to 3.8 Version (while MG is 3.7) when will we get update too?

  3. Is it known whether the developer (Arvus Games) will keep Mangagamer’s version updated or do we have to pledge on his Patreon to receive new updates??

  4. I remember when arvus games was first getting funding for this game, during which they promised that all versions of the game would be free including the final version and that it would take a year to get it out and another six months for all the stretch goals. They got about $53,000 for funding, and now it’s been what 4-5 years and now they have a patreon with $16,000 every month for the last couple years. They are just milking this game now.

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