Niplheim’s Hunter –– On Sale Now!

Niplheim’s Hunter from HappyHand is now available on! Get your copy for 30% off during launch week!

Searching for the demon beast that branded her, the hunter girl, Azel, reaches that place. The frontline of the battle between humans and monsters. The remote land which some call the Harbor of Disasters, Niplheim…


  • Developer: HappyHand
  • Operating System: Windows 2000, XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10
  • Language: English
  • Voice: Full Japanese voice
  • Content: Adult & Uncensored


  • Female protagonist.
  • Turn-based RPG with smooth, grind-free gameplay.
  • Equipment Crafting and Dress Up system.
  • 600 total images
  • 30+ H-Scenes
  • 15 “Battle Fucks.” Watch the heroine get fucked endlessly hands-free
    (The scene will end when you press a button.)
  • H-content includes the following:
    • Spanking, anal sex, bondage, sex toys, nipple play, titjobs, sexual milking/lactation, voyeurism, bestiality, sexual humiliation, prostitution, sex while drugged, and tentacles.

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  1. Will be buying this just have to wait till the end of the week the Manga gamer Sales kinda are draining my wallet. I almost bought all games that were on offer.

  2. So.. this has mosaic or not ?
    store page said reduce mosaic but this page said uncensored.

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