Erotic Escapades — MangaGamer x IndieGala Adult Bundle!

Let’s end this month with a bang! We’ve teamed up with IndieGala to bring you the Erotic Escapades Bundle! For the next day, get Sweet Sweat in Summer, Please Bang My Wife, EROGE!, Kuroinu Ch. 1, and Orc Castle for the low price of $8.99! Act fast, as this special price won’t last long! Sale ends February 8th!


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  1. Mangagamer says that bundle costs 8.99$ , but IndieGala actually says 9.99$ or more . I guess somebody made a mistake.

    • At the time this blog post was released, it was $8.99 for the first 24–ish hours for the sale.

      It has increased in price since then, but no, it was not a mistake at the time when it was originally posted.

  2. Oh, thx for clarification. I guess phrase “this price wont last long” was way too complicated for me ^o^

  3. Really wanted to buy this sale. Spent several hours trying but couldn’t. So I gave up. Had payment issues with this store. Please do future bundles on your website. I wouldn’t mind paying a little more to support the publishers.

  4. Hey, I bought this bundle the other day and was trying now to begin downloads but couldn’t seem to find where to put in the confirmation codes. I still have the email and my mangagamer account isn’t showing new items.

    Could you help steer me in the right direction?

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